Mother's Day

27971754_10155978588275761_7290544812280038307_nMothering Sunday is a lovely day to give mum a call or send her a little something to show that you're thinking of her. We love our mums here at Neal & Wolf and we know our collection of luxury collections and gifts will make their day. We're highlighting our top gifts for Mother's Day, along with some other ideas to bring a smile to mum's face on Sunday. Take her out for lunch Why not treat mum to a lovely high tea, or a hot lunch at a restaurant? If you'd like to keep things a little more informal you could pack a picnic and take a stroll in the park. Before you step out for the day, gift mum some Aura hair and body fragrance. The delicate fragrance of white thyme, saffron, lily and ylang ylang sits beautifully over vanilla base notes. Everyone feels brighter with a spritz of fragrance. Give her an autographed book Does your mum have a favourite author? Take a look online to find an autographed copy of a beloved story. If you don't have time to arrange this one, keep it up your sleeve for her birthday, and give mum an Indulgent scented candle instead. It has a bright scent with a generous citrus burst that mellows into a rich floral aroma. Maybe pair it with a novel by an author she hasn't tried yet? Book a spa day Mums work hard and rarely get a treat for themselves. Say thank you and treat yourself at the same time by booking in a spa treatment. When was the last time your mum had her nails done, or had a massage? Of course, you can give mum a spa treatment at home. Pick up our new Body & Soul shampoo and conditioner duo and treat your mum to a personalised styling session. This new duo is perfect for giving shine and volume while being gentle - perfect for mum. If all else fails, make mum a cup of tea and tell her how much you love her. She'll love it.