IMG_3337 Spring can bring us a mixed bag in terms of weather, often with all four seasons making an appearance in one day. With that in mind a haircut and styling products that can withstand wind, rain and sunshine is very useful in springtime! Below are a few of our favourite men's hairstyles for spring 2018, and the styling products that work best with them. Longer on top The transition to spring is here, so it's time to trim the winter mane. If you can't bear to go super short with a buzz cut, but still want low maintenance, then try a look with about an inch on the sides and two inches on top. To style sweep the hair on top back and to the side with some high hold product, like Neal &Wolf's Design - a pommade designed to give hair a firm, slick finish. High & Tight A similar style in many ways to the crewcut, this high and tight style avoids a full on crop. The cut starts with a low setting shave, a number 1 or 2, and fades up to longer length on top. The top is left just long enough to add some definition and texture. The short nature of this style makes it easy to maintain, no matter what the weather throws at you. Try styling with a little pommade or moulding cream such as Neal & Wolf Define. Buzz Cut If you are ready for the full commitment to short, low maintenance hair then the buzz cut is a great style for the weather in spring. The only choice is how short you want to go and this will largely depend on your hair type and the look you want to achieve. No matter what style you opt for this spring, the Neal & Wolf men's collection of hair style and hair care products has got you covered. Check out the full collection in our online store.