Nathan-Fertig © Nathan Fertig There are three key tools that men can rely on to get perfectly groomed hair every morning. Keep a hairdryer, a comb and some styling paste to hand and you'll look very well-presented in less time than it currently takes. These tools make grooming quick and easy and can help you achieve the look you're going for. Hairdryer cloud-nine ©Cloud Nine It's easy to assume that using a hair dryer will take up too much time in the mornings, especially in comparison to the tousled towel dry that many men opt for when they're short on time. The truth is, hair dryers take a couple of practice runs to get right, but after that, your hair will be drier much faster and primed for your styling products in a way that towel-dry hair never is. Dryers also help to straighten unruly hair, so your locks are likely to sit smoothly without needing to wrestle it into submission or use too much product. Comb kent©Kent Brush Combs are surprisingly versatile. The magic happens when you choose the right one for your hair type, and one that will get your hair into the style you're aiming for. Combs are great when you want a good clean part or want to add some direction to your hair. Wider tooth combs are great for detangling longer hair, while rigid, finer tooth combs are perfect for getting the details right. Try using a wooden comb for a gentler approach, especially if you have fine hair, and avoid ripping the comb through when your hair is wet - it will encourage breakage. Keep a comb in your bag so you can keep yourself tidy during the day. Styling Paste N&W men shape and form If you love using styling pastes and pomades, you're going to be so happy to know that using a dryer is going to help your pastes go the extra mile. They adhere to completely dry hair so much better than damp hair, and they work with the warmth to give you the volume and shine you're looking for. You'll look sharp and relaxed. A little bit of these products goes a long way, and can really elevate a good cut into a very impressive style.