Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 09.31.46   If you've been reading the style magazines and checking out Instagram lately, there's no way you've missed the latest hair obsession: rose gold. This subtle yet glamorous blend of pink, blonde, and delicate red hues is being sported by celebrities and civilians alike. It's highly flattering and the fact that the fourth colour Apple added to the iPhone 6/Plus is rose gold likely doesn't hurt its popularity either. Part of the allure is that there is no one way to wear rose gold hair. Sienna Miller added a very light pink tint to her blonde tresses while Emma Roberts went for a deep shade dubbed ‚Äòdesert rose' and Lauren Conrad playfully dip-dyed her ends. Elle Fanning set Instagram abuzz when she shared some selfies of her new ‚Äòdusty rose' hair colour while Rita Ora, who is famous for her impeccable style switches, showed off a rose-gold and soft blue ombr√© that her fans hail as one of her best looks yet. Other rose gold converts include Orange Is the New Black star Dascha Polanco, who has been seen sporting a sleek rose gold bob, and Tyra Banks, who celebrated her last birthday by adding champagne rose highlights to her long hair. For those of you looking to give this hot new hue a shot, celebrity stylists recommend keeping brighter shades of pink around the face while concentrating deeper hues at the crown. For highlights, focus on the middle to ends of your hair, which will add instant depth while remaining lower maintenance. Blondes will have an easier time adding rose gold to their hair, but brunettes can join in the fun by going for rose gold highlights that accentuate the gold and peach tones in their skin. If you're planning to go blonde this Autumn, ask your stylist to include rose gold hues and rich shades of butterscotch for an extra wow factor.

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