Hollywood loves a red carpet event - and two weeks ago it was the turn of the Emmys 2014. We look back at the best looks of the night and see what hair and fashion tips we can steal from the Hollywood A-Listers!

[caption id="attachment_322" align="alignnone" width="149"]Photograph by David Shankbone Photograph by David Shankbone[/caption] First up is Kerry Washington who wore one of our favourite hair styles of the evening with a flattering shoulder length cut full of texture. The interesting thing was that this look just made subtle departures from Kerry's usual style but it was enough to mix things up and create a noticeably edgier look. Kerry ditched her usual red carpet go to style of vintage curled ends and moved to a centre parting from the usual softer off centre parting. This was matched with a more daring dress choice and all added up to a winning mini make over in our opinion. To get the textured look as used by Kerry, spray hairspray on wet hair before blow-drying and then rough dry with your fingers by raking down the hair.   Next was the beautifully pregnant Hayden Panettiere wearing a stunning classic red carpet updo with a subtle twist. Hayden styled the updo with some frays and dishevelment around the edges, bringing a fresher and younger look to an old school Hollywood glamour hairstyle. The addition of an Alice band and a backcombed front section completed the modernisation. To begin to create this look pin the hair in sections around the head and create height at the crown, before loosely plaiting a few sections of hair. Finish with your own choice of hair accessories such as a Alice band, if it suits your style and outfit.   Another favourite to capture attention was the delightfully polished look delivered by supermodel Heidi Klum. Heidi brought a casual retro feel on the red carpet with beautiful waves created from a centre parting. Wavy tonged sections started from just below eye level to create a vintage Hollywood look. Too achieve a similar finish yourself start by spraying hairspray on wet hair, this will help you to get the separation needed to form the waves. Next blow-dry and tong sections from front to back with a medium sized barrel tong. It is important not to comb out the waves too much when finishing so try gently separating the strands with your fingers to maintain definition.