[caption id="attachment_507" align="alignnone" width="450"]Photograph by Rikard Elofsson on Flickr Photograph by Rikard Elofsson on Flickr[/caption] Nothing stays the same in the world of hair fashion for long and this week is no exception. We've seen plenty of celebrity style change ups over the past few days and now we're here to give you the tips you need to steal the best new hairstyles on the block. Kate Middleton debuts bouncy locks Kate Middleton has been out visiting women at prison Send in Surrey this week and her new look features a fringe that looked full, shiny and had added bounce. A section of hair was pinned above each ear to give the look a more delicate feel and add extra interest. Kate paired the new look hair with a gorgeous silver tweed dress from The Fold.  

Kate's new fringe look is on trend for the Autumn season and should be paired with a bob or mid length cut. To get the ultra-healthy look of Kate's hair ensure that you protect your locks by using Neal & Wolf Guard heat protection spray. This product features a silk protein complex that helps to lock in your hair's natural moisture and can protect against heat generated by your styling irons up to 220∞c. A film-forming polymer guards cuticles from moisture loss during styling, keeping them soft and smooth and Meadowfoam seed oil gives hair a glossy and vibrant finish. Simply apply to wet or damp hair before styling to get the best results.   Jennifer Lawrence goes Blonde

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence has stepped out with a completely new blonde bombshell look this week - inspired by her next movie role in Sci-Fi film Passengers.

Even though JLaw has been playing with lighter tones more recently the platinum blonde look is quite a change from the usual dark hair we've seen in movies like The Hunger Games, but it really works for her. The big question is will Jennifer keep the style once filming has ended? In the meantime if you're interested in copying Jennifer's look here are a few tips on how to keep your colour looking its best. To keep her hair healthy and her platinum shade from going brassy it is important to keep your hair moisturised and nourished. Try using Neal & Wolf's daily shampoo Ritual, a sulphate free formula with an infusion of silk and milk proteins designed to boost vital moisture, reduce flyaway hair and help prevent hair from breaking.

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