Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 15.37.15 Out with the old and in with the new! The year is coming to an end and everyone's switching up their hairstyles to celebrate the coming of 2017. Whether it's being as bold as to chop their hair into a short bob, or simply keeping the same length but boasting a brand new style, several celebrities are hopping on board to mix up their look a little. Let's take a look at the 3 most gorgeous new hairstyles displayed by 3 iconic celebrities.   First is Olivia Munn. Daring enough to cut a whopping 12 inches off of her beautiful black hair, she debuted a stunning textured bob on the red carpet at the premiere of her new movie, Office Christmas Party last Wednesday. This style is both chic and trendy, capturing the classic I-just-woke-up look. A curling tip to achieve the gorgeous beachy waves she has is to leave the ends straight and curl each segment of hair in alternating directions. Don't forget hairspray to hold the curls and add texture! A good product for this is Neal & Wolf Control, our flexible hairspray designed to give you control over your look all day long.   Next up is Gigi Hadid. With a fresh look so innovative and charming, she wore it twice in two days! Reminiscent of the cornrow style, Gigi's new ‚Äòdo consists of two inside-out French braids at the top middle section of her head, which is then pulled up with the rest of her hair into a high ponytail. This style works for all occasions, whether you're heading to the gym for a quick workout, or going on a shopping spree.   Last but not least is Michelle Obama. Soon to be moving out of the White House, Michelle Obama has an elegant new hairdo to commemorate the beginning of a new chapter of her life. Her shoulder-length curls have been done away with, and she now rocks a poker-straight, long bob. Although a typical blunt, straight bob cut may seem boring, she can definitely pull it off and looked stunning at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Washington, DC on the 1st of December. Michelle Obama is well-known for her creative and gorgeous hairstyles, she even had a cool fringe in 2013!