Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 20.12.21 You must be so excited! Your big day is coming and we know you want to have everything just perfect - and that includes your hair! Your dress will be beautiful, so let's examine this year's hottest bridal hair trends to see which one will make you the perfect bride!   Top Knot Bun   If you want the crowd to say ‚Äòwow' then look no further than the Queenly top knot bun! Don't be shy - this style is deliberately bold and beautiful. Gather your hair up using a donut hairpiece and set a high bun top and centre on your head. Make it sleek and smooth if you like - we prefer it with a bit of texture and a chunky fringe to frame the face.   Asymmetrical Curls   If you've got curls or you just want them for a day, this is the style for you. Stay straight and sleek along the scalp and then let the curls fly. Use pins to help them fall higher or lower on each side. It really draws the eye and would suit a symmetrical dress.   Heart Braid   This is one of the hottest trends this season and with good reason. If you have long hair, brush it out and get some texture happening. Use tiny invisible hair ties to secure a cascade of hearts down your back. This is so delicate and will make for a stunning photo shoot.   Pin Up Rolls   The chic retro look is not going away! If you have a 50's inspired theme (and even if you don't!) get some height with these pin up curls. They look so versatile. You can style them as gently or as funky as you like. Get some formed waves at the back to soften the look.   Classic Braids   Don't be fooled by the name. Braids are classic because they are stunning but most importantly - they are versatile! You can part your hair wherever you like and work in as many as you want. One on each side creates a crown with the ends styled into a textured bun looks understated and delicate, while one messy joyful braid that stays on one side adds a lighter touch.