Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 09.30.25 Ask anyone who colours their hair how often they have changed their hue. For some of us, it's seasonal. With others, it's because Katy Perry is rocking that shade. And there are those of us who do it just because we can. The message is the same: we don't necessarily want the same colour day in and day out. Wouldn't it be amazing if your hair could change with the weather? Or whether you're indoors or outdoors? Look out- it just might be possible now. The Unseen has developed a hair dye that is a literal shade-shifter. Called Fire, it reacts to temperature changes. For example, it could be a brilliant red out in the sun and a more subdued, natural-looking colour inside. The dye's carbon-based molecules alter their light absorption qualities when subjected to changes in temperature, resulting in different colours that you can elicit simply by changing your environment. Lauren Bowker, who created Fire, says that the product is safe, as it is made from polymer-wrapped chemicals that minimize hair and scalp irritation. In theory, it is no more harmful than store-bought hair dye. It still needs to be refined and tested for safety before it appears on shelves, but should be publicly available soon, as production-based testing is already in progress. If all goes well, your hair colour will soon change from one moment to the next, not simply whenever you feel like a new look. No matter if you're ready to embrace the next frontier in hair colouring just yet or not, you will always want to keep your style sharp. Neal & Wolf are here to help, with our range of luxurious yet affordable hair care and hair styling products. Just head to our online store to find the best products for your latest hairstyle.

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