Photograph by David Spinks   Photograph by David Spinks An undone, day at the beach look can be sexy and glamorous when styled the correct way and it is a look that is on trend right now. One of the good things about undone hair for the autumn and winter season is that it doesn't matter too much about the weather trying to destroy your style. Celebrities such as Elle Macpherson, January Jones, and Sienna Miller have worn this look to perfection over the years and it adds a certain allure and edge to them. Part of the attitude and vibe of undone hair, also known as 'bedhead' is a laid back and carefree feel. Pairing this hairstyle with casual clothing can work, but it also looks great as a contrast to more formal or office wear. Another good selling point for this trend is that it can work well on long hair but also equally well on shorter styles like bobs which are fashionable at the moment. To get the perfect undone look is not as simple as rolling out of bed, in fact it's much harder than that! Generally it works better on second day hair after washing. First separate and curl your hair in sections. Try using a volumising product such as Neal and Wolf Elevate to add some lift. Next use your fingers to gently play with your locks, create texture and separate the strands. Using products is key to getting the perfect undone style and the Neal and Wolf's Form Sculpting Lotion has been designed to help shape and hold the look you want with added benefit of head-turning texture and stunning shine. Simply apply throughout towel dried hair before heat styling to achieve a light to medium hold finish. Why not order some of our great styling products and give the undone look a try for your self during the Autumn / Winter season? To see the full range of Neal & Wolf styling products, shampoos and gift sets click here to visit our online store.