Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 15.25.16   2016 is coming to an end, so welcome 2017 with a brand new hairstyle! According to top London stylists, 2017 is all about making subtle changes to your hair that will turn a boring old ‚Äòdo into something fresh and stunning. Read on to find inspiration and tips for a brand new look.  
  1. Eye-grazing fringe
This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to revamp their look, but are hesitant to make any dramatic changes. The best part is, it works with both long and short hair! Plus, there are so many ways you can style a fringe of this length - you can push them to the side and rock side-bangs, or even pin them back with a cute hair pin.  
  1. Work with your natural texture
Instead of spending hours on blowing your hair out, just go natural instead. More and more models have been rocking their natural, curly hair on and off the runway, and you should too! You were born with the perfect hair for your look, so don't force it into a style it can't handle.  
  1. The Lob
A mid-length chop has been a popular hairstyle for a while now, but 2017 is going to take it to the next level by adding a lot more layers. If you already have shoulder-length hair, you won't need to cut it any shorter, just tell your stylist to add a few layers for texture. Plus, this hairstyle allows for so many styling options, including gorgeous beachy waves.  
  1. Long & Blunt
Short hair was all the craze in 2016, but long hair is making a comeback. With blunt ends (no layers!), this haircut is reminiscent of the classic styles sported by Cher and Ali MacGraw. Remember to trim your hair regularly though, otherwise you might end up with split ends.  
  1. The Shag
The shag cut gained popularity in 2016, and it looks like it's here to stay. The best thing about this style is that it works on so many types of hair - straight or wavy, long or short. Consult your stylist to tailor this cut to your features.  
  1. Bold cuts
If you're the kind of person who loves to experiment with new hairstyles, a bold graphic cut is the perfect next step for you. Whether you want a bob, an undercut, a buzz cut or a wedge cut, just make sure your stylist cuts heavy lines that make your hair swing. This style will enhance your femininity.   Whatever new style you choose to go for, visit our shop to find the best Neal & Wolf luxury hair styling products to perfect your look.

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