Holiday Hair Essentials

After months of miserable weather, many of us will be jetting off to enjoy some well-deserved time in the sun. As you bask in the heat and enjoy cocktails by the pool, or even topping up your tan at a Great British BBQ, there’s no doubt that you’ll be slapping on the SPF to keep your skin nice and fresh. However, you may be forgetting one part of your body that’ll be crying out for protection, and that’s your hair!

We’ve developed a haircare range that combines luxury with practicality, and in this range are products that have been specially designed to combat the effects of excess heat and sunlight, so your hair stays healthy and beautiful throughout summer. We have listed our best-selling hair products that contain protective but also styling properties, that when combined, produce gorgeous results.


Your hair is comprised of delicate keratin fibres, which lock in nutrients that allow your hair to look full of life and shine. However, these fibres can become brittle due to lack of moisture and exposure to heat and the sun. This is where GUARD comes in! Applied to pre-heat styled hair, GUARD protects up to 220C, whilst a film-forming polymer protects cuticles from moisture loss during styling, keeping hair soft and smooth. For that extra boost of shine, meadowfoam seed oil provides a glossy vibrant finish to be proud of around the pool!


Excessive exposure to the sun can do considerable damage to your hair, which is usually not noticeable until the damage has been done. UV rays and extreme heat weaken hair cuticles, damaging your natural hair pigments. This can lead to a loss of colour and vitality (worst nightmare!). VELVET’s unique blend of argan, avocado and jojoba oils transform rough, unruly hair, into a healthy, glossy and nourished mane, all the whilst protecting against UV damage. Whether in the UK or abroad, a hair oil is absolutely necessary to maintaining the moisture and general health of your hair! 


For the perfect finish, particularly for a hairstyle that has to combat the humidity and heat of a summer’s day, a hairspray that can maintain hold from day to night is an absolute must! Designed to offer a flexible, but long-lasting hold with a matte finish, CONTROL is the ultimate finishing style spray that provides all-day structure to your chosen poolside ‘do’!

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