Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 16.46.40   The runways of New York, London, Paris and Milan were certainly ‚Äòvibrant' this autumn, as celebrities, VIPs, buyers and designers all looked forward to the fashions of spring/summer 2017.   But away from the clothes, the hairstyles seen on the runways certainly did make a statement, from the colourful to the downright controversial!   With a clear nod to the eighties, brightly coloured dreadlocks appear to be making something of a comeback.   It wasn't just the vivid dreadlocks that gave something of an eighties theme though. The crimpers seem to have been dusted off too so expect to see casual crimping alongside metallic make-up and all things rave culture next year.   Another slightly unexpected style to appear at SS17 catwalk shows, was the addition of custom ‚Äúsideburns‚Äù - yes, you read that correctly! While they may not be for everyone, if it's good enough for Gucci‚Ķ   Colour also featured heavily, notably through block bleaching and it seemed that ‚Äòshort' was certainly the order of the day, with many of the models having their locks cut in to sharp bobs.   As is always a feature of the season, ‚Äòbeachy' loose-curl styles worn down with the addition of ‚Äòsalt sprays' set the scene for a beach barbecue or Ibiza sunset!   Plaits never seem to go out of fashion, and once again a whole host of braids and plaits graced the catwalk looks. From the very skinny, hippy-inspired braids through to large looped braids or long simple plaits, it seems that all the greatest designers were recognising this classic look, and with so many ‚Äòways to wear', we don't think this is the last we'll see of the plait!   So, from plaits to crimping, and bleaching to bobs, spring/summer 2017 looks set to celebrate an eclectic mix of hairstyles!

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