[caption id="attachment_263" align="alignnone" width="206"]Get long and strong hair with sulphate free products Get long and strong hair with sulphate free products[/caption] At Neal & Wolf we are delighted that we can offer our full hair care range as sulphate free. Every shampoo, conditioner and hair styling product we create now comes with absolutely no sulphate ingredients. Zero, nada, zilch! That's good news for you hair.   You may already know about the damaging effects of sulphates on the hair as it has been quite a hot topic in the beauty industry over the past few months. For those who don't know sulphate is a common grease cutting detergent that is used in a number of common household cleaning products not just shampoo. The problem with the sulphate ingredient when it comes to hair products is that although it is good at cleaning it also strips all the natural oil from the hair and it is believed that sulphate can damage the hair follicles. That can cause thinning and weakening of the hair over time, which is something we all want to avoid.   Why go sulphate free? Sulphate free shampoos and hair styling products offer a number of benefits over their sulphate cousins. Neal & Wolf's sulphate free range uses more sophisticated ingredients that create the same foaming and cleaning effect of sulphate but without the hair follicle damaging effects. Our products are also much kinder to your skin and scalp - and your eyes too. You'll notice if you get a sulphate free shampoo in your eyes during washing it won't sting so much as a sulphate shampoo! Sulphate free shampoo is also a perfect option for those who suffer with allergies, eczema, or an irritated scalp because it cause much less irritation. Ultimately sulphate free shampoo will deliver longer stronger and healthy hair over the long term.  Sulphate free products may cost a little more because they use high quality more expensive ingredients, but it is well worth it in our opinion. As Sarah Jessica Parker says, every girl has to indulge herself once in a while. Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 09.39.06 Buy Sulphate free products in our store The Neal & Wolf online store offers a wide range of sulphate free shampoos, conditioners and sulphate free styling products such as Elevate volumising lotion and Fix hold & shine spray.   Visit the store here and search for your perfect sulphate free hair products.