FascinatorThe 2018 Grand National is almost here. Whether you'll be at the Aintree Racecourse or at a race day party, you'll be wanting to pull together a fabulous race day look. We don't have any tips for the horses, but if you're looking for last minute tips for race day hair, we've got you covered. Wash your hair the day before There's plenty of debate about when you should wash your hair in the lead up to a big event. We side with the majority of stylists and suggest you wash your hair the day before. This gives your hair time to relax and regain some of its natural oils. Try our Amplify Shampoo and Conditioner to give you the volume you're looking for. Refresh a reliable style If you're in a hurry or can't book a stylist, think about ways to refresh your current style. Braids are a great example. If you can braid your own hair, practice a couple of slightly more formal styles and see how they suit your chosen fascinator. Buns are another reliable style that look classy and are simple to do at home. Short styles don't miss out Shorter cuts can still get the special treatment for race day. Pixie length cuts don't take much attention, but bobs and lobs can be worked into sleek and elegant styles. Choose an eye-catching fascinator that will truly stand on its own, while making sure it won't need too much anchoring. Volume is key here. Give your hair as much lift as you can by using a small amount of Enhance Volumising Mousse. It'll give you the volume and hold you'll need to look fab all day long. Place your fascinator well Fascinators are traditionally worn on the right side of the head, although this tradition is loosening. It is acceptable to have your elastic showing, and in fact may be a boon if it means you can remove your head piece later in the day. If your fascinator is heavy or you'll be in a windy location, it's best to clip and weave the elastic into your styled hair.

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