Get The Top Knot

From Amy Adams to Karlie Kloss, the Top Knot is no longer a sloppy look for when you simply can't be bothered. Now, it's being adorned by top celebrities in the most creative styles, making this one of the hottest hairstyles for Autumn/Winter. What's even better about this look is that it's easy to recreate and can be worn by any hair type.

Completing your Top Knot with some simple hair styling products can transform this look from shabby to chic. To give you a little helping hand, check out our step by step guide to a Top Knot below!

Step 1: Apply heat protection from roots to ends and blow dry in, smoothing out with a brush

Step 2: Create a ponytail

Step 3: Evenly separate ponytail, create two fishtail braids and apply hairspray

Step 4: Position and pin braids as desired

Step 5: Complete with another dose of hairspray to hold look in place

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