Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 18.16.38   Neal & Wolf Glow is the perfect product for the √âcaille style.   Winter 2015 was dominated by one major colour trend: √âcaille. But is it still in fashion for summer 2015? From January onwards the trend that started in Paris quickly found its way onto the shores of the UK and the U.S. Where several high profile A listers took up the look including Jessica Alba and Blake Livey. √âcaille, which is a French word that translates to mean tortoiseshell is still going strong and the good news is that the look has been refreshed for the summer months with a new twist. √âcaille makes the most of beautiful caramel tones by combining golden highlights with a slightly darker version of your own natural colour. Darker roots blend down towards lighter ends, but in a more subtle style than the previous hot colour contrast look of Ombre. For summer 2015 the style has been adapted to include slightly more contrast to give a sun-kissed effect.   To get the best from this style it is important to work with a professional hair colourist. The colourist will add balayage highlights on top of a rich brown shade to create the subtly contrasted tortoiseshell look. A quality colourist will help you avoid hard lines and too much definition between light and dark which is the hallmark of the Ombre look. With √âcaille a subtle blend is the key. If you want to add a little more intensity to the look ask your colourist to try some bolder colour pieces around the face. When styling this look a gloss will help keep the colour rich and looking it's best. Try Neal & Wolf's Glow spray. Glow is a super shine spray with an ultra lightweight feel which is ideal all year round but feels especially great in the hot summer months. The unique formula adds deep, lasting shine whilst helping to control frizz and smooth your hair. Spray Glow evenly all over you locks and enjoy incredible all over shine that will leave your hair glowing! To try Glow for yourself visit the Neal & Wolf store here.

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