Do You Believe in MIRACLES?

We’re excited to introduce a NEW addition to our Neal & Wolf haircare range: Miracle Blow-Dry Mist.

A blow-dry does require a good amount of patience, especially if you have long hair. Frankly, there are better things we think you could be doing than spending a long time drying your hair. As a leading haircare brand, we recognised this and have launched a revolutionising product that can help accelerate blow-drying time. 

Joining our already established haircare range, MIRACLE Blow-Dry Mist has 9 fabulous properties designed to make your hair look beautiful:

  • Blow-dry accelerator
  • Thermal protection
  • Brightens tone
  • Super shine
  • Lightweight conditioners
  • Anti-frizz
  • Strengthens from within
  • Reduces flyaways
  • Anti-statics

Made with the highest quality ingredients including shea butter to boost shine and reduce frizz, avocado oil to strengthen individual strands, and ultra-lightweight conditioners to protect from heat damage and prevent static - MIRACLE Blow-Dry Mist is the perfect combination of luxury and affordability.

Neil Capstick, the founder of Neäl & Wølf, says: “All of our products are designed with stylists in mind and MIRACLE Blow-Dry Mist is perfect for saving stylists time, whilst still achieving those exceptional results for customers.”

Presented in a distinctive two-liquid design, the Blow-Dry Mist can be shaken to make the two mingle and activate the alchemy that transforms hair to create an exquisite shine and a soft, silky finish. Finished off with a spellbinding signature scent, MIRACLE Blow-Dry Mist proves that miracles really do happen!

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