Caring for blonde hair

30688266_10156124248960761_8735469438565875712_n Photographer -@ David Halsall Hairdressing Taking the plunge and switching to blonde is a thrilling experience. It can give you a really fresh look and it's worth maintaining. Whether you're a natural blonde or a blonde-by-design, we have some tips to help you keep it looking healthy. After you leave the salon, the first thing you should do is refresh your hair care routine. Blonde hair (particularly bleach blonde) needs a specialised set of products to help it maintain colour and health. The new Blonde Shampoo from Neal & Wolf is specifically designed to help neutralise brassy tones and maintain good moisture levels. Preventing dryness is often the key to healthy blonde locks. As blonde hair tends to be slightly thinner than darker hues it's a clever idea to avoid heavier products. Using lighter sprays and mousse will help to avoid a weighted down look. Using chemical dyes to change your hair can leave the scalp feeling a little dry and uncomfortable. A weaker scalp can also affect the rates of hair fall, so it's a good idea to restore it weekly with a deep nourishing treatment, after using Blonde Shampoo and Blonde Conditioner. Massage the scalp to encourage healthy blood flow. UV protection in summer is a must. Blonde hair is more susceptible to sun damage. To avoid dry and brittle strands, wear a generous sun hat (great for your skin, too), or use a leave in conditioner to help retain moisture and create a bit of a heat barrier. Bleached hair can be easily influenced by its environment. If you notice your hair is developing a greenish tinge, for example, it's likely that your tap water has higher copper levels. Use a mildly acidic rinse of lemon juice to help lift the colour out. Once it's been applied, wash it out with Blonde Shampoo to continue nourishing and strengthening the hair. A final tip for caring for blonde hair: never brush it unless it's dry and at ambient temperature. Brushing wet or heat-distressed blonde hair can lead to unwanted breakages and frizziness. Keeping your hair out of the sun and using the fan setting on your hair dryer will help keep your blonde looking beautiful for a long time to come.

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