Bronde Colour Trend

[caption id="attachment_444" align="alignnone" width="204"]Photograph - Lisa H on Flickr Photograph - Lisa H on Flickr[/caption] From L'oreal to Vogue and beyond, it seems as though everyone in the fashion and beauty industry is talking about one key hair colour trend at the moment: Bronde. Although it sounds weird at first and looks like a spelling mistake when written down, this is actually the name that has been given to a huge new new colour trend, a mixture between blonde and brown hair. The colour has been described as less intense than the previous hot trend of ombre hair, but with more impact than just adding simple blonde streaks to brown locks. While traditionally the colours have only existed separately with pretty strong stereotypes differentiating between a blonde and brunette, there now seems to be a blurring of the lines with this new colour. Interestingly stylists are strategically placing the balance of the Bronde colours to draw attention and highlight certain facial areas with the intention of enhancing features such as cheekbones or elongating the neck. Another benefit of this style is that you don't get the high contrast between your roots and the colour when you hair grows out making it low maintenance. Of course like all styles there are a number of options and extremes of shades you can play with. Generally speaking if you have a darker skin tone then golden multidimensional tones will work best for you while if you have paler skin then ash blonde tones will work really well. It is important to go for a shade that is not to far off you root colour to keep a more natural, subtle contrast which is part of the allure of the Bronde style. If you've never coloured your hair before or don't want to commit to a full on change straight away then Bronde is a great option to test the waters. Because this style produces a subtle and natural looking sun-kissed effect, it is the perfect colour for you to wear for the summer months and make sure your hair is bang on trend!   About Neal & Wolf If you're looking for great quality shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products, then the Neal & Wolf range could be perfect for you. Our sulphate free formulas and quality ingredients help your hairs health and make it look beautiful at the same time.

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