Whether you are working from home, self-isolating or simply looking to treat yourself, we are here to help! Self-care is really important, especially during this stressful time full of uncertainty. Treating yourself doesn’t necessarily mean leaving your house, you can do this instead by transforming your home into a relaxing spa. Does that sound like something you would like? If that’s a yes, all you need is a little guidance and the right products to get your own spa party started! Here are a few ideas on how you can take your at-home pampering to the next level: 


  1. Set the mood

To feel like you’re in a spa, you need to start with creating the right ambience. Turn on a calming playlist (there are plenty of relaxing playlists available), grab yourself a nice drink (we recommend a detox beverage), light a few candles and enjoy a fresh and inviting atmosphere. We have exactly what you need for this, with our INDULGENCE Scented Candle & CALM Reed Diffuser duo you can fill your home with the much-loved signature scent. Bursting with notes of mandarin and orange blossom, our Home & Spa range will turn your home into the spa of your dreams.


  1. Deep conditioning hair treatment

Start your spa day by giving your hair the love it deserves. A hair mask is the best attention your hair could ever ask for, not only they will make your hair moisturised, but they’ll also help with keeping it soft, healthy and maximise the colour retention during this period. If you’re unsure of what product you should use, we can recommend our Harmony Intensive Care Treatment, specially created to help repair damaged hair, using a unique combination of intensive conditioners that deliver an instant transformation, leaving hair shiny, healthy-looking and manageable. Simply, massage through wet hair for 3-5 minutes and rinse out thoroughly.


  1. Softening hand treatment

With everyone washing their hands more often and using hand sanitiser, dry hands is definitely a common issue. Washing our hands often means that we are keeping the bacteria away, however, it also means that we are getting rid of the layers of oil that our skin produces. To help with this, we need to make sure that we are looking after our hands with softening products and treatments, and our NURTURE duo, which includes our hand wash and hand lotion, can help you with this! With the specialist blend of panthenol and shea butter combine with silk, milk proteins and with an infusion of passionflower and Borage oil, our REFRESH Hand Wash & REVIVE Hand lotion are designed to cleanse and moisturise.


  1. Look after your hair

Now that you’ve put weekly hair appointment on hold, this is the perfect chance to learn how to style and look after your hair at home. Just because you are spending more time at home, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel pretty…You can always start with a simple blow-dry! Before styling your hair, we recommend trying our MIRACLE Rapid Blow-dry Mist, specifically formulated to speed up drying time. The special blend of ingredients adds moisture, protect from heat damage, strengthen hair, reduce frizz and static, and even refresh and brighten the colour. To finish your look, we also recommend trying our AURA Hair & Body Fragrance signature scent, bottled! Perfect for revitalising hair and body, its unique blend of oriental orange blossom with white thyme engages and awakens the senses, revealing delicate undertones of saffron, lily, ylang-ylang and vanilla. This lasting fragrance also provides hair with shine.


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