The Summer Blonde duo

From toasted coconut to cream soda, whatever deliciously blonde ‘do’ you’re rocking this Summer, we all know that maintaining your chosen shade of blonde is a full-time commitment. If you want to keep your hair as bright and as beautiful as it is when you’re sitting in the hairdresser’s chair, we may have just the thing…

This Summer, throw your usual haircare routine out the window and become a full-time blonde with our BLONDE Summer duo, the ultimate lightening and brightening shampoo and conditioner set. Our BLONDE duo is guaranteed to give your bombshell locks a new lease of life, effectively enhancing, rather than undoing all your hairdresser’s hard work!

Specially designed to magnify the brightness of your blonde hair, the Summer duo makes the perfect pair. With its combination of intense, moisturising properties, BLONDE locks in colour whilst deeply nourishing from root to tip. This amazing duo will provide you with the summer ‘glow up’ you deserve. 

No matter your plans this summer, whether you’re having a staycation or treating your blonde mane to an international audience, our BLONDE Summer duo is the perfect accompaniment not only at home but in your suitcase!

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