Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 07.15.45 The red carpet is always the best source of style ideas and fashion inspiration, but the summer of 2016 has been especially sizzling. Maybe it's the weather? Much as we love certain red carpet hairstyles, the problem is that they are so intricate or unique that you practically need your own hairdresser to create it and keep it up for you. This year, we're catching a lucky break: the hottest new trend, which is being embraced by the likes of Adriana Lima and Anna Kendrick, is the easiest one to copy that we've seen in ages. Dubbed the ‘Shoulder Sweep', this style simply requires you to sweep your hair over one shoulder, use a strategic braid or a few pins to keep it in place, and finish with your favourite hairspra such as Neal & Wolf FIX. That's it! For maximum impact and glamour, try tousling the ends a little bit to create a sexy and ultra-feminine ‘do. The Shoulder Sweep was originally introduced by supermodel Jerry Hall back in the 1970s, and it's just as appealing nearly forty years later! If you're considering the leap from brunette to blonde, you're not alone. Michelle Keegan recently appeared at the Revlon Choose Love Masquerade Ball sporting a stunning blonde hairdo styled in a -you guessed it- Shoulder Sweep! Michelle, who lightened up for her new ITV drama Tina and Bobby, paired the blonde waves with a tight black dress that hugged her figure in all the right places. Julia Stiles is another A-lister who embraced her own version of the Shoulder Sweep. Claiming to have been inspired by images of gypsy women who wore their hair to one side, Julia and her stylist fashioned her long hair into a messy, sexy braid that hung over the front of her shoulder. It appears that there can be as many versions of this classic hairstyle as there are imaginations. Hopefully Jerry Hall is flattered.