The recent 2014 Oscar Awards were not just a celebration of talents in the field of filmmaking. It is also an event wherein celebrities have the excuse to flaunt new designer dresses and beautiful locks. Here are some of our favourites. Glamorous Pixie Hair [caption id="attachment_178" align="alignnone" width="244"]Photograph Jenn Deering Davis Photograph Jenn Deering Davis[/caption]   What do Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron, and Anne Hathaway have in common aside from winning an Oscar? They all have very short hair! Amidst dreamy long tresses and wavy locks, the pixie haircut is steadily gaining popularity this year because it is equally glamorous yet very easy to wear and style. Achieve the look: You can copy Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar hairstyle by using a hair texturing product before brushing the hair up and back several times to achieve lift and bounce. Scrunch the hair and finish with hairspray for lasting hold. Side Swept, Soft Wavy Locks Sandra Bullock, Kate Hudson, and Jessica Biel opted to sport a one shoulder, tousled curls hairstyle to the Oscars this year. They all looked regal and every inch the big movie star. While Kate and Jessica chose soft curls, Sandra hair featured large, tighter curls. Achieve the look: Copy Sandra's award winning hairstyle now! Put hair paste on your damp hair before parting it to the side and drying it naturally. Create curls by using a curling iron with a medium barrel tong. Curl your hair just up to the middle except in the front part where you might want to curl higher. Apply a sculpting lotion on the curls before drawing it over to one side. Pin your hair in position with the appropriate hair pins. The Loose Updo/Half-Updo Forever elegant, the updo has been reinvented to ooze a more carefree yet dainty vibe. No longer extra sleek and tight, the updo is now much looser and messier just like how Olivia Wilde and Julia Roberts wore it. Aside from the loose updo, the messy half-updo is also a popular hair trend at the Oscars. Sported by Emma Watson and Kerry Washington, the loose half-updo is very feminine and flattering on all face shapes. Achieve the look: To mimic Julia Robert's beautiful loose updo, begin by applying smoothing balm on your hair before blow drying. Part your hair to the side and curl the hair from the end up to the middle using a large barrel curling tong. Move all your hair to one side and make a loose ponytail. Arrange the hair in a loose bun and pin in place at the nape of your neck. Squirt a light layer of hairspray to hold.

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