Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 09.32.24 This year's Oscars really blew us away with that mix up at the finale, but there was no mixing up these fantastic hairstyles! The variation on the red carpet absolutely blew us away, from tightly cropped pixie cuts to classic waves to out there afros. Let's take a look at some of the best.   Emma Stone   Emma won Best Actress and looked every bit the leading lady with her classic soft waves. Her natural auburn sheen complemented everything about the nude ensemble. A side swept fringe finished the look, leaving us all wishing for a slice of Hollywood glamour in our lives.   Michelle Williams   Michelle has been working this sleek minimalist pixie cut all awards season, and for good reason! It's versatile and beautifully highlights her features. The white blond really pops and brings her gorgeous brown eyes to our attention.   Karlie Kloss   Another classic beauty, Karlie also wore some sexy Hollywood waves. Her warm blonde tone complimented the sparkling silver choker. Instead of tucking a fringe aside, she incorporated her fringe into the main body of waves, bringing an extra level of class.   Scarlett Johansson   Wow Scarlett! A very sexy short cut gives this woman an undeniable power look. Cropped very short at the sides, the top has been left long enough to create some epic texture. The curl highlighted the gorgeous ombre colouring perfectly.   Jessica Biel   Jessica went for a sleek and streamlined look on the red carpet. The centre part accentuated her perfectly symmetrical features, and the stylish up-do made sure the focus was all about that amazing neckline.   Janelle Monae   How did Janelle make such a short cut look so effortlessly delicate? The natural texture has been given just enough coaxing to create soft tussled waves. The clever use of a beaded headband not only complemented the dress, it helped to give a little pop of height to the ‚Äòdo, adding even more interest.   Halle Berry   Halle had absolutely nowhere to hide with this stunningly loud natural ‚Äòfro. Amazing length and body has been brought right to the fore. The subtle colour highlights broke up the volume, catching the light and creating a hook for the eye to follow. The curls look soft and fresh, filled with life and movement.