Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 13.22.22   There is good news for all of us that love hair styling, fashion and reality TV this week, as the BBC have announced that popular show Hair is to return for a second series. Recording is due to begin shortly and we are likely to see more of the exciting cutting edge hairstyles, talented up and coming stylists and the drama of competition as they are placed against each other in a series of creative challenges. Last year the eight young hopefuls were tested on the planning, creativity, presentation and execution of their ideas across a range of styles from plaits, braids, beehives, and bowl cuts, to perfectly-polished chignons, gravity-defying mohicans and Hollywood glamour. The hopefuls were judged over the 6 episodes by royal hairdresser Denise McAdam and celebrity session stylist Alain Pichon, while Steve Jones presented the show in his cheeky and ever cheerful style. This year is likely to see more of the same. And the great thing about the show is it's not just for viewers entertainment, but it appears to genuinely give the contestants a stepping stone into their desired profession. Last year's winner, 25 year old Marvin Francis used the show to take himself from a self-taught  hairstylist working at home to working on fashion shoots for some major magazines. Since the show ended all the finalists have remained in the industry, Katie is opening a salon, while Dominika is growing her hairstyling and make-up work. If you're a amateur stylist with a keen sense for style, why not enter this years show? Who knows where it could take you! The BBC are calling for applications from those with a passion for hair. The rules are pretty simple, if you have no previous formal training or have not completed a NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing then you're eligible. To find out more email You can also see more information on last year's show by visiting the Hair website where you can see sketches and photographs showing the journey from concept to completion of contestants ideas, clips from past episodes and meet the contestants and judges. To anyone who decides to submit an application, we would like to wish you good luck from all the Neal & Wolf team!

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