Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 09.32.21 Summer brings warm weather and casual weekends at the park or beach. It's not the time to be managing long hair! Use the change of season as an excuse to get a fresh new look. Here are 8 of the hottest short styles for summer.   Wet look   Don't be afraid to run a little product through damp hair and head out the door. The just-came-from-the-beach look is fresh and very low maintenance.   Big waves   Turn up the volume! If you've got big hair, don't try to tame it. Lift from the roots and don't be afraid to style a few waves in, if they aren't there already.   Little waves   A subtle wave or ripples in your lob give enough movement to keep things interesting. Don't go all out, just give your hair a some gentle finger waves and you're in business.   Shoulder length   Long bobs to the shoulder are as long as we'll go for summer. It's great if you prefer a longer style but still want to be fresh and light for the warmer weather. Wear it all loose or throw up a quick half up do if you need it.   Bangs and chunky ends   Bring out the solid straight cut bangs and chunky ends. If you're going to rock a bob you may as well get bold with it. This is certainly a statement cut that highlights your facial features.   Sleek and straight   Right on trend this year is the slick back, straight look. It might not be as relaxed as some, but it's super easy to create and transitions well between the office and the bar. Try combing straight back from the forehead.   Asymmetrical ends   Just because bobs are in doesn't mean you need to keep your ends in line. Work with your stylist to find your best side and then cut in asymmetrical ends to highlight it. The bob will look fantastic with very little styling.   Parts   A great summer bob can be styled almost any way you like. This extends to where you place your part, too. Choose a central part for simplicity, or use a side part to draw the eye. Of course, you can always have fun and loosen your crown so there's no visible part at all. Get chunky and position sections of your hair at every angle.   If you'd like a little help styling your hair, take a look at the Neal & Wolf range of luxury hair products here.