Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 15.35.37   Winter is coming, and so is your chance to freshen up your look for the cooler months ahead. It's holiday time, and that means catching up with people you haven't seen all year, and plenty of opportunities for social media shots. Get ahead of the curve and look great this festive season.   Go pixie with curls   If you've got gorgeous curls, but don't want to go all in with upkeep, consider a tight trendsetting cut. Tight curls really shine when you crop them close around your face, giving the pixie cut a whole new look. It really draws the eye and celebrates your facial structure.   Volumize the curls   Of course, if you're not ready to cut your hard-earned natural curls away, go for the opposite look and turn up the volume dial to 11. Get wild and let that hair glow. Get your stylist to work their magic by getting those layers working for you to create extra volume and try out Neal & Wolf's excellent range of styling products to help you achieve the look.   Layer it up   Fine hair can be frustrating if you feel it falling flat an hour after you leave the house. Get around it by building body and structure in one easy move - add layers. Get creative, and you'll find yourself with added body and volume in no time.   Single focus   If on the other hand, your hair is so thick you could play Rapunzel, don't hide it away. Get a bold single layer cut, lose the fringe and go for one blunt level at the base. It draws the eye and makes a statement. Keep it sleek.   Fringes are in   Fringes are really making a statement this winter. Super cute under a warm winter hat, look for soft edges and texture that goes straight across your forehead. Aim for a slightly longer length, just kissing your eyebrows if you're worried about looking too stark.   Undercut the competition   This style makes a point, no doubt. Whether you shave the nape of your neck or take a side out completely, the undercut gives an edgy look to any cut. Dial it up with additional colouring or extra styling with your longer hair.   Sleek bob Those of us with dead straight hair can wear a sleek geometric bob. Look for clean lines that frame your face. Tuck it right under your chin or go a little longer. Cut it a little higher at the back for something different.   Wavy lob   If you like a bit more length or your hair is naturally more textured, aim for a long bob. It's got life and can bring out a playful look. Work the fringe and keep those waves soft.

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