Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 14.02.26   Game of Thrones is back and the sixth season of the epic saga sees the return of all our favourite characters. So, whether you're praying with every fibre of your body for Jon Snow to not really be dead or are looking forward to seeing if Daerneys Targaryen will ever manage to retake the Iron Throne lets distract ourselves by looking at 8 of the best hair and beauty looks from our much-loved characters from the show.  
  1. Cersei Lannister - The queen Regent of the Seven Kingdom does evil in style. She might look all sweetness and light with her beautiful long golden hair that would look more at home on a Disney princess, but we know better. Her best down do is when she finishes it off with a couple of braids or a casual twist thrown into the mix.
  2. Daerneys Targaryen - The stunning platinum blonde locks of our true born queen of dragons, is usually worn in a half up half down do with a loose strand of hair on either side that frames her face beautifully. It also looks majestic when she wears tiny plaits that lie back over the crown of her head giving us a taste of just how great she would look in a real golden crown.
  3. Sansa Stark - We've seen her grow up in front of our eyes and blossom into a highborn beauty. Her long and luscious auburn hair was toned down in colour in the last series, but she still managed to keep it classy with her hair either worn slightly up and pulled back at the front with the rest down so it falls in cascading waves over her shoulders, or in very intricate styles such as tiny braids wrapped around the front of her hair, or in a casual thick braid over one shoulder. Her effortlessly flawless skin always looks like she is not wearing a scrap of makeup.
  4. Melisandre - When we see her we think of only one colour - red. Her eyes are haunting in all their powerful red glory and her hair is such a deep intense red that suits her pale skin tone perfectly. Her lips always look as if they've just been kissed with a subtle dark pink colouring used as a hint to her seductive nature.
  5. Missandei - With a completely different look to our other heroines of Westeros, Missandei wears her hair in all its curled naturalness showing the world that, just like her hair, she is free and does not want to be tamed.
  6. Margaery Tyrell - Whether you love or hate Margaery there can be no doubt of her beauty. King Tommen's Queen knows how to wear her lavish long light brown hair in teasing wavy locks to make herself appear more innocent than she really is. Her best look is when she has the front of her hair parted and pulled back at the sides and tied at the back in a half up half down do.
  7. Tyene Sand - might be the youngest of the sand snakes but she is definitely one of the toughest, and one look at her dark brown boyish pixie hairdo tells everyone that she is one fierce woman who is not to messed with.
  8. Myrcella Lannister - Last time we saw Myrcella it looked like it was curtains for her character but we will not forget her blonde pretty girl locks, especially when she added a flower accessory to add even more sugar to her sweet little princess look.
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