Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 11.02.48 Has new year has inspired you to refresh your look? Here's a roundup of the hottest hair style trends for 2018. Look out for plenty of volumising and thickening styles, along with a couple of sleek surprises. Ultra violet The love affair with purple continues. The colour is incredibly versatile - strip your natural colour and commit to a bold look (use Harmony shampoo to restore hydration) or go for a commitment free, semi-permanent rinse. Clean shaven It's cropping up on the catwalk, and it's making its way to the mainstream. While sporting is cleanly cropped ‘do isn't for everyone, it's definitely an option. If you're growing out a short style, try our Neal & Wolf finishing products to create movement and texture. Mermaid shades Also known as ‘look-twice' colours, this trend is certainly eye-catching. Enough to make you wonder if magic is real, brunettes are having clever colours applied that only appear in a certain light. Who said blondes have all the fun? Warm tones Blondes and brunettes alike are turning away from cold colours, and trending toward warm tones. Combine sunshine and smoke balayage styles with a volumising and thickening care routine and you'll be leading the pack. Curls Honestly, curls never go out of fashion. Treat those dry ends well with Harmony shampoo and your choice of Neal & Wolf finishing products to bring out the bounce and shine. Long shag Take the long bob and cross it with a short shag - the evolution is clear. If you're committed to long locks, this is the style for you. Enhance your natural waves and let it all hang loose. Pair with shaggy bangs to finish the style. Waves Carefree waves made a big splash in 2017 and show no signs of stopping. They can be created with plenty of height and volume, or left hanging silkily over shoulders. Make it clean and professional or beachy with braids - it's up to you.