Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 17.59.22 You may have heard that choosing a sulphate and paraben free shampoo is better for you, but have you ever wondered why? These ingredients have been in use for over 70 years, but scientists are beginning to question if they are the cause of some serious health problems.   We've taken a look at what sulphates and parabens are, and the reasons you should consider going sulphate and paraben free.   What are sulphates and parabens?   When you wash your hair and the shampoo foams up, you can thank sodium lauryl sulphate. It is a surfactant, which means it helps loosen the surface tension between a liquid (water) and a solid (dirt and build up). When there's no tension, the shampoo can easily remove the dirt, thus cleaning your hair.   Parabens are preservatives that prevent shampoo from going mouldy or growing fungus in the bottle. They also extend the shelf life of the product. There are different types of parabens but they all act as preservatives.   Reasons why you should consider choosing sulphate and paraben free products  
  1. There is concern that parabens could be linked to breast cancer. Parabens may attach themselves to oestrogen receptors to form phytoestrogens. These may play a role in breast cancers, so it's best to choose products without it.
  2. Sulphates may cause blindness or eye damage. This is particularly worrisome for children who struggle to keep foam away from their eyes.
  3. Parabens may cause or irritate dermatitis and rosacea, two skin conditions that can be embarrassing and painful.
  4. Sulphates have been linked to various cancers, and some consider it to be toxic.
  5. Parabens (and sulphates) may cause scalp and hair dryness. Switching to a sulphate and paraben free shampoo may result in softer, healthier hair.
  6. Sulphates have been linked to hair thinning and hair loss. It may also be responsible for reducing follicle strength and health.
  If you want the best for your health and your hair, swap to a sulphate and paraben free shampoo. You may also find these ingredients in other health and beauty products, so check ingredient lists before making a purchase.   All Neal & Wolf Harmony, Ritual, and Amplify products are completely paraben and sulfate free.