Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 14.00.29 As the weather starts to change, keep your eyes open for changing celebrity hairstyles, too. Some styles are totally new, while others are just consistently on-trend so are back for another season. Take some inspiration from these fresh styles and set the trend this Autumn.   The long pixie cut   Julianne Hough has the cutest long pixie style right now, and it's just perfect. Longer than a true pixie cut but not long enough for a bob, her hair is sleek, flirty and fun.   The lob   The long bob never fails. It's a perennial favourite because it's so versatile. Lucy Hale loves to work in some casual waves for a bit of body, and Rita Ora turns up her lob with plenty of texture and volume.   Curly bangs   If you've got naturally tight curls, let them run wild with an afro hairstyle. Freshen up the look with a few bangs cut in, like Yara Shahidi.   Asymmetrical styles   These can be worn long or short, but we do love what Michelle Williams is doing with her style right now. It's a close-cropped pixie cut for the most part, with a funky asymmetrical sweep that highlights her gorgeous cheekbones. You can keep a style like this sleek and professional, or tousle it for a more casual street look.   The shag cut   This style looks effortless - it's got plenty of volume, shaggy texture and layers galore. The shag hairstyle is making a big return in 2017, and it looks like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is leading the way. Shags can be worn long and loud, but Rosie's tips just brush her shoulders, which helps to keep the look classy instead of unruly.   Braids   We love braids, it's no secret. They are just so versatile, there's a style for almost any occasion. Shay Mitchell's been seen wearing a large loose braid over one shoulder - the perfect example of a daytime style transitioning to an evening event. On the other hand, Ciara was spotted with a very closely braided crown-style up-do, and it looked amazing. We can't say it enough - there's a braid style for everyone.