Winter is a wonderful time. Snuggling up on the sofa in front of a roaring fire, gazing out to the flickering snow outside. What’s not to love!? While there’s not much we don’t love about winter, there is one part of us that dreads its arrival, and that’s our hair! The cold, harsh weather that winter brings with it can be the end of your perfect hair game. Combined with dry indoor heat from your central heating, winter can be a recipe for disaster, which is why we are sharing with you our 5 top tips for avoiding dry hair this January!

Dry before you go

We’re all guilty of getting ready in a rush and leaving the house with our hair still soaking wet, but we’d recommend avoiding this above everything! Taking wet hair from a warm environment and into the bitter cold can put your hair at risk of breakages. What’s worse, leaving your hair wet for longer can considerably fade your colour faster. Make sure to set your alarm for a blow dry!

Brush the static away

Whether you’re actually cold or not, during winter we can’t help but run to the cupboard for our favourite blanket. However, you may notice that when you’re all wrapped up in your blanket or cosy in your winter wear, your hair is springing out of control with static. This is because your hair is dry and causing friction with your winter attire. To combat this, we’d either recommend investing in a vented hair brush or washing your hair in warm water rather than hot.

Put down the dry shampoo 

Dry shampoo has been such a blessing, it’s hard to think that this haircare product could in fact have negative side effects. Dry shampoo is excellent at giving your hair a quick refresh, however, it strips your hair of its natural oils, particularly from the roots and scalp. Combined with the cold air, this can leave your hair and scalp screaming out for moisture. The result? Breakages and dandruff. If you can’t possibly imagine a winter without dry shampoo, VELVET contains a blend of natural oil that will provide your hair with the moisture it desires. What’s better, VELVET can be used on any hair type alongside any hair products.

Slap a mask on 

We all love a good facemask, and our hair does too! HARMONY is an intensely nourishing conditioner that can be left in your hair over a longer period of time. This provides your hair with time to absorb the nutrients, leaving your hair rejuvenated and full of life!

Turn down the heat 

As much as we love them, styling products are extremely damaging to our hair, whether it’s cold outside or not! However, if your hair is already damaged from the cold, curling irons, hair dryers and straighteners will only increase the risk of breakages. If you can’t live without your styling products, we’d recommend (if you can) turning down the temperature. Alternatively, GUARD offers heat protection for all hairstyles. Locking in moisture whilst offering complete heat protection, GUARD will be your best friend this winter!

Have these top tips helped you keep your hair fighting fit this winter? Tag us at @nealandwolf and let us know how you’re getting on!

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