Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 14.18.08 Summer is on it's way. We saw plenty of love for balayage and grey tones in 2016, and for good reason. These classy and versatile styles are going to be here for 2017 because we just can't get enough of them it seems. Here's 4 gorgeous hair colours to choose from this summer season.   Balayage - sun kissed blonde   Balayage is a technique used by hairstylists to create beautiful blended colour. It can be subtle or outrageous, depending on the colour combinations. We love the sun kissed blonde colours for summer 2017. Work with your stylist to create darker tones at the crown and softly blend down to honey tones or lighter at the ends.   Metallic/Galaxy Ombre   These styles are not for the feint hearted. Sure to turn heads, the hottest trends of using colours inspired by galaxies and pearlescent metals is not going away. Be confident that your stylist has the ability to balayage well, because there is a lot of skill required to get these looks right.   Grey   Grey is another trend that's not going anywhere. It's great news if you're naturally grey of course, you can wear it with confidence, much like Helen Mirren does. If you're starting from a blonde base you can do a lot with grey. It works well blended with blonde, and can be sleek and metallic or soft and pearly. It can cascade down longer hair (ombre works exceptionally well here) or really turn heads with a short cut.   Rose Gold   This is so popular right now. Getting the subtle, warm tones of rose gold brings a natural radiance to the skin. It's achieved with a pink tinted blonde and can be subtle or overt. We love the versatility of rose gold. Work it as neatly as a professional updo or let it out in screen siren waves, it will look perfect in every setting.

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