Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 16.50.52 The MTV Video Music Awards this year had some amazing hair highlights. We've picked three of our favourites. Read on if you want to know how to recreate the look at home.   Nicki Minaj   Nicki's look was sleek, smooth and eye-catching. She wore a clean straight part with glowing hair worn down - a warm blonde tone on one side and a soft rose pink on the other.   Section your hair into smaller parts. Use a straightener to get smooth segments (work from the layers underneath, up to the top). Use Neal & Wolf Control hairspray on each segment after combing to maintain the smooth look. Use a cheeky temporary colour to recreate the two-toned style.   Demi Lovato   Soft, rich, luxurious waves - Demi really impressed us. Her outfit made the style so classy, but it's easily converted to a more casual day look if that's what you're after.   Create a centre part, then section your hair. Use a curling iron on each section (make sure the curls set well - hold the iron vertically to get the same style as Demi). When you've finished curling and the hair is cool, add a touch of hairspray to a paddle brush and gently brush the hair. The hairspray will help to smooth any frizz and the brush will break up the tight curls into lively waves.   Miley Cyrus   Miley took a simple ponytail and made it pop with a nod to 50s style glam.   Separate the top part of your hair (about the breadth of your hairline) and section off. Apply hairspray to a brush and pull the remaining hair up into a high ponytail and tie it off. Use a little bit of the ponytail to wrap around the elastic, and secure it with a discreet bobby pin. Use a curling iron to curl the ponytail, then brush out to create bounce and volume. Come back to the top section now and divide it in two. Use the curling iron again to create movement, and tease the roots to create volume. Hairspray will help hold the height.