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Why wear a hair and body fragrance?

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Wearing a body fragrance has long been a way to accentuate our visual beauty. Spritzing on a scent can influence your mood and complement the season, the setting and your style.


Because body fragrances interact with individual skin chemistry, some people find scents applied on the way out the door seem to evaporate before morning tea time. If that’s the case for you, or you want to try something new, consider using a hair and body fragrance.


When a fragrance is applied to the hair, it’s likely to last longer, and can release fresh bursts of scent as the hair moves throughout the day. The larger surface area gives the fragrance more chance to stay present, and as hair is typically cooler than skin, the scent will evaporate with less haste. The condition of your hair, it’s thickness, length and level of moisture will all affect how long the fragrance lasts.


Take Neal & Wolf’s Aura Hair and Body Fragrance, for example. It’s a lovely and light combination of blossom, white thyme, saffron and lily, with ylang ylang, orchid and vanilla creating gentle base notes. As lighter notes typically evaporate on skin fastest, applying them to the hair means they’ll dance on for much longer. The beauty of this product is that it’s designed to work well on skin as well, so the scent is versatile and can work in many different situations.


To get the most from your hair fragrance, be sure to pair it with a subtle shampoo and conditioner. A delicate scent may be overpowered if coupled with a heavily scented treatment, for example. Some ranges are designed to complement each other. You may also like to use a hair fragrance in between washes.


For those with sensitive skin, a hair fragrance may provide a rare opportunity to wear scent. If you are prone to irritation, tie your hair back and spritz the loose ends, away from your face. You can also be assured that the fragrances typically have lower alcohol levels than skin-based perfumes, so they won’t dry out your luxurious locks.


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