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Six Hair Colour Trends That Will Help You Rock This Summer

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Nude. Snowlights. Denim. They all sound like names from the latest eyeshadow palette instead of this year’s hottest hair hues. If you’re up for some adventure, here are some hair colours that are guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go this summer.

Colour Bleeding

It’s official: dip dyes are out and high-end colour bleeding is in. Shiny and vibrant shades like pink, purple, green, and blue bleed strategically into each other for a graduated and jaw-dropping effect. Professional and high-quality colour has never been so fun, and judging from the red carpet appearances that colour-bled hair is making, women are embracing the opportunity to play the peacock with their tresses.

Colour Melting

Where ombré falls short, colour melting steps in to seamlessly change your hair colour from dark to light. The distinct and harsh lines that normally appear when you go for contrasting hues are removed by blending the highlights with the base shade of your hair. Abrupt lines are gone thanks to skilful application of multiple highlights that create a ‘melted’ effect.


Flamboyage is being hailed as the latest trend in hair colouring. Using elements of both ombre and balayage, this hot new technique uses a clear adhesive strip to separate sections of hair before colouring. The result is a vibrant and multi dimensional colour that is both natural in appearance and extremely low-maintenance.

Nude Hair

For those who aren’t quite ready (now or ever) for wild rainbow shades, the nude hair technique provides an easy way to go blonder without looking buttery or artificial. The best news of all is that nude or neutral shades look great on everyone, no matter what your natural hair colour or skin tone is.


As cool as the name implies, snowlights consist of pale, frosty blonde strands scattered around the top of your head, almost like being out in the snow. These cool highlights make your skin glow without looking artificial or unnatural, and are so subtle and simple that upkeep is a breeze.

Denim Hair

Our favourite jeans acting as inspiration for a hair colour- could anything be more fabulous? Unlike the super-vibrant greens and purples that are dominating Instagram, denim hair has more of a stonewashed effect. Its pale yet dramatic shade of blue is a nod to the obsession we have with blue jeans.


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