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  • Hottest looks from London Fashion Week


    Image source: International Business Times

    Does the mere mention of London Fashion Week get you excited? The fashionistas may flock to LFW to view McQueen’s and Packham’s latest collections, but we’re all about the throwback up-dos' and ponytail plaits. To celebrate LFW, we’re reflecting on the classic hairstyles that never seem to age and are constantly adorned by LFW’s army of supermodels.

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  • Easy and elegant summer looks



    ©  jurica-koletic

    Enjoy easy and elegant summer styles this season. With these quick and easy tips, you can look fresh and fabulous in the warmer weather. All of these styles start from a base of healthy luscious hair. Help keep your hair protected from summer heat by using Neal & Wolf Repair and Replenish Harmony Duo. This shampoo and treatment combination will set you up for effortless summer styles.

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  • Women’s back to school styling


    © alex-iby

    Don’t let the back to school rush fool you into neglecting your hair. You and the kids can achieve some classy styles in minutes before heading out the door. Practice one or two of these before school goes back and you’ll be looking good in 5 minutes or less.

    The messy bun


    © ravi-roshan

    This one is great if you don’t have time to tease the knots out of someone’s hair. Use a brush or your fingers to bring the hair back into a high ponytail. P

  • Wear flowers in your hair to be on trend for summer


    © Valerie Elash

    Flowers are tiny perfect heralds of warmer weather and playful days. There are so many ways you can weave a touch of summer delight into your hair, and there’s no reason to limit the look to summer weddings, either. Work with fresh or faux flowers to get the look you want. A quick tip before we begin: if you use fresh flowers, only add them once your hair is perfectly set and styled, including hairspray. If you spray fresh petals they’ll wilt. Here are 4 hairstyles you can wear with fresh flowers for summer.

    Loose waves

    Wear your hair in generous loose waves for a summer beach look. Pin one or two of the curls back to on

  • Men’s Grooming 101: The Essential Pieces of Kit

    © Nathan Fertig

    There are three key tools that men can rely on to get perfectly groomed hair every morning. Keep a hairdryer, a comb and some styling paste to hand and you’ll look very well-presented in less time than it currently takes. These tools make grooming quick and easy and can help you achieve the look you’re going for.

    ©Cloud Nine

    It’s easy to assume that using a hair dryer will take up too much time in th

  • The secret to long-lasting curls – heatproof summer hair


    © averie-woodard

    Summer can be rough on hair and curls in particular. Have you ever left the house with picture-perfect curls and come home with a head of completely flat hair? Don’t waste your efforts. A few tweaks to your morning routine will protect your curls and help them to last longer during the warm summer days.


    Take care of your curls from the inside out


    © felipe-luiz

    Summer heat and humidity can be taxing on anyone’s hai

  • Get the Look: Men’s Fade Hairstyle

    Gentlemen, the fade hairstyle is on trend right now and there is bound to be a fade style to suit your needs. The question is, which fade cut would you like? High fades, low fades, traditional, scissor, temple fades – there are a lot of types to choose from. Here is a quick guide you can use when speaking to your hair stylist about which style you’d like, and how to keep it looking sharp when you get home.



    Before you make your appointment, spend a bit of time looking at different men’s fade styles that are out there. Save some photos that have what you like and bring them in, to y

  • Beach hair don’t care! The best holiday hairstyles for 2018


    The recent warmer weather is a welcome change from the chill of winter. Is the sunshine drawing you into daydreams about going to the beach? You might have noticed your hair starting to change as the heat brings on seasonal dryness. Help correct and protect against sun damage with Neal & Wolf’s Summer Rejuvenate Duo. The intensive shampoo and treatment will instantly restore your sun-kissed locks to a healthy level of moisture and touchability. Here’s a few handy ways you can style your hair for a day at the beach – let’s keep it out of the way and out of the sun to reduce damage from too much sun and salt water.

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  • Neäl & Wølf Added to the Hair Awards hall of fame

    Neäl & Wølf has secured a permanent place in the Hair Awards hall of fame thanks to our hugely popular Amplify Shampoo and Conditioner Duo.

    Our Amplify shampoo and conditioner picked up the award in the category of BEST Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner!

    It feels great to have our Amplify product range recognised by industry experts and consumer feedback as the best in its category.

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  • Summer wedding hair styles


    Photo Credit: Sam Gateley, Salon 306

    Wedding season is here so it’s a good idea to get your summer wedding hair styles organised. As a guest or the bride, herself, there’s a lot of planning that goes into looking gorgeous on the day. Summer weddings are fresh bright and often outdoors, so we’ve chosen sunny styles to reflect the season.

    Wavy bangs

    Secure your hair into a loose chignon or any other up-do style, really. The focus is going to be on your gorgeous face-framing bangs. They should fall around chin length to give you a picture-perfect look. Use a curling iron to give y

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