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  • Bella Thorne's Hair Transformation for 2017

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    Thinking about doing something new and interesting with your hair? Follow Bella Thorne’s example; she recently dyed her hair dark blue. A bold, funky color, it looks simply gorgeous on her. She does have a history of trying out (and pulling off) daring hair colors, whether it’s a bright red or even a dip dye of acid green.

    But as the times change, so must our hairstyles. With 2017 comes Thorne’s brand new midnight blue!

    Thorne first showed off her hair on Snapchat, crediting her older siste

  • Hairstyle makeover – should you go red?

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    Getting a new hairstyle can be a daunting experience, because what if it goes wrong and you end up with something disastrous! You’d have to be pretty bold to switch your hairstyle up to something completely different, and you’d have to be bolder still to try out red hair. It’s bright, it’s daring, and when you walk into a room, you know everyone’s going to be looking at you. Check out our tips for aspiring redheads!


    Should you go red?

    If at least two of the following statements descri

  • 8 best hairstyles for tough gym workouts

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    Who says you have to look like sweaty at the gym? If celebrities such as Karlie Kloss and Miranda Kerr can look hot while working out, so can you. All you have to do is spend an extra 2 minutes on your hair to style it into a gorgeous, gym-proof look. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite gym hairstyles below!


    1. The French Braid.

    A French braid is great for low-intensity workouts such as barre, power plates and yoga. It keeps your hair neat and most impo

  • Best Post Gym Workout Hairstyles for 2017

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    Going to the gym is hard enough, but once the sweat starts, so does the frizz, and even the toughest of hairdos will give in. So, we’ve compiled a list of simple yet gorgeous post-gym hairstyles for you.

    1. The messy bun. You can also try it as a low bun. If you want a more fun look, try two space buns on the top right and left parts of your head. Want to look sophisticated? Go for a neat bun. Or you could try the most elaborate of all buns - the braided bun.
    2. If you have a fringe, pin it b

  • Hot hair looks to start 2017

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    2016 is coming to an end, so welcome 2017 with a brand new hairstyle! According to top London stylists, 2017 is all about making subtle changes to your hair that will turn a boring old ‘do into something fresh and stunning. Read on to find inspiration and tips for a brand new look.


    1. Eye-grazing fringe

    This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to revamp their look, but are hesitant to make any dramatic changes. The best part is, it works with both long and short hair

  • What were the best looks form Victoria's Secrets fashion show 2016?

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    Paris may not have any Victoria’s Secret stores, but the Grand Palais (home to Chanel’s runway during fashion week!) was the perfect place for 2016’s annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Featuring music by Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Bruno Mars and more, this show’s most iconic look was the dragon’s head and tail curling around the gorgeous Elsa Hosk.

  • Latest Celebrity hair makeover inspiration for December 2016

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    Out with the old and in with the new! The year is coming to an end and everyone’s switching up their hairstyles to celebrate the coming of 2017. Whether it’s being as bold as to chop their hair into a short bob, or simply keeping the same length but boasting a brand new style, several celebrities are hopping on board to mix up their look a little. Let’s take a look at the 3 most gorgeous new hairstyles displayed by 3 iconic celebrities.


    First is Olivia Munn. Daring enough to cut a whopping 12 inch

  • 8 of the best winter hairstyles for 2016

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    Winter is coming, and so is your chance to freshen up your look for the cooler months ahead. It’s holiday time, and that means catching up with people you haven’t seen all year, and plenty of opportunities for social media shots. Get ahead of the curve and look great this festive season.


    Go pixie with curls


    If you’ve got gorgeous curls, but don’t want to go all in with upkeep, consider a tight trendsetting cut. Tight curls really shine when you crop them close

  • Best Winter Hair Care Tips

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    It is a little-known fact, but cold weather damages hair. However there is no need to worry, we’ve listed 5 simple tips below to help you protect your hair from the elements, so you can look fun and fresh all winter long.

    1. The simplest way to protect your hair from the elements is to wear cute woolen beanie. Additional tip: wrap your hair up in a silk scarf before you wear your beanie to avoid that frizzy hat-hair. The scarf acts as a barrier between the wool and your hair (reducing static), leav

  • Ariana Grande’s New Hairystyle

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    Ariana Grande’s signature look is her long caramel brown hair tied up in a high ponytail atop her head. She’s carried this look proudly (not to mention gorgeously) for the last 5 years or so. But it seems like a major hair makeover was due; on November 12th, Grande debuted her brand new platinum-blonde locks on Instagram. Although the colour of her hair has changed, her hairstyle still stands strong - tied up high in a half-ponytail.

    The question on everyone’s mind while absorbing this brand new look of Grande

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