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Latest New Celebrity Hair News

Celebrity style never stands still and the last couple of weeks have been no exception. One of the most dramatic things you can do to change up your style is alter the colour or cut of your hair and that is exactly what stars such as Jessie J, Rihana and Kylie Jenner have done to great effect recently. Here we take a look at the drastic changes and provide inspiration for your own style makeover.

Jessie J
A few years back Jessie J famously shaved her hair to raise money for Comic Relief and raised a staggering £500,000.
This week the look came back for a second time, with the singer opting for the ultra short buzzcut. The star unveiled the look on Instagram in a series of snaps while modelling casual clothing outfits.
Jessie joked on the post 'Shaved my head last week (I guess you might notice).' And it was quite a dramatic change from her look in recent months when she had been growing jet black locks into a medium length cut.


Rihanna is no stranger to regular hair style change ups and she has gone for another dramatic look this week. We've seen her tresses go from platinum blonde, red, pink and black, but this time she has gone for blue, with a dark navy shade!

We first caught glimpse of the new colour at the CBS radio We Can Survive concert where she made a surprise appearance, styling her hair pulled up into a tight ponytail.

If you wan't to get on this trend you better hurry, everyone knows it won't be long until RiRi changes her look again!

Kylie Jenner

Another hot new look was seen at the Balmain x H&M even in New York when the young and stylish Kylie Jenner turned up with a new shorter cut. The blunt bob look is yet another style change up from the youngest of the Khardashian / Jenner sisters and is a perfect cool look for winter 2015.

Kylie complemented the new bob with a black and gold dress by Olivier Rousteing for H&M and thigh-high black boots.


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