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How to copy Kate Middleton’s hair

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Kate Middleton is a modern style icon. She makes headlines everywhere she goes, and with good reason – she’s a strong and intelligent woman who happens to look absolutely, effortlessly beautiful. If you’d like to recreate a touch of Kate’s style at home, try her classic Chelsea blow-dry. It’s simple enough to achieve at home, and versatile for casual and evening wear.


Lay the foundation


Towel-dry your hair, and add a touch of Neal & Wolf’s Silk Smoothing Blow-Dry Balm to the lengths of your hair. It will reduce frizz, make the styling process even easier and leave your locks looking shiny. Then, massage volumising cream into the roots of the hair only.


Blow-dry time


Section the front portion of your hair (approximately 2 inches across) and roll using a large round brush. Apply your hair dryer on a cool setting to the roots first – not the front as you may expect. Find the natural curl that has been set into the section of hair and roll it up into a loose pin curl. Clip it securely, the repeat until your whole head it blow-dried and pin-curled. The low heat will reduce damage and help keep your hair shiny, too.


Release and relax


Unclip each section of hair, beginning with the first one you did at the forehead. Arrange the hair in a casual side part. Use your fingers to relax the curls. They should be laying loosely, with plenty of shine, movement and volume, just like Kate’s. When your hair is where you like it, use Neal & Wolf Control hairspray to help it set.


You can create the effortless look of a princess from your own home. Just like Kate, you can pair it with a smart blouse and jeans, a sweet summer dress or a more formal ensemble.


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