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Haircuts for men with thinning hair

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It’s common for men to notice their hair thinning out or their hairlines receding a little as they get older. It’s not something to feel bad about, but we understand the desire to put the remaining hair to good use.

We’ve put together some styling suggestions to help men with fine hair or thinning hair to feel more comfortable (and continue looking great!).


Severely receding or thinning hair


If it looks like it’s almost gone, it may be best to shave it all off and embrace a hair-free look. If it’s not quite at that stage, keep the hair to about an inch long all over. If you have any isolated islands or patches of hair, it’s best to remove them completely.


Receding temples


This is a really common pattern of thinning hair. Men with fine hair should keep the sides to about an inch long, and then experiment with the length on top. Side parts can work here – slick it down or rough it up for some texture, Neal & Wolf's range of Men's hair styling products can do wonders in helping you shape the perfect look.


Thinning crown


Leave the remaining hair at around an inch long, but keep it a little longer near to the thinning area. If you give it some body, it should help distract eyes from the thinning. Men should avoid the slicked down comb-over look here.


No hair on top, with hair on the sides


If men have this pattern of thinning, now is the time to crop the remaining fine hair close. Keep it buzzed on the sides, no longer than a half inch.


Overall thinning


If men are not developing bald patches but rather experiencing overall thinning, there’s a lot that can be done. Investigate different hair products men can use to add volume and texture, for example. Keep it a little long, and very clean.


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