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Get Luxurious hair with celebrity style makeovers

Photograph by Gage Skidmore Photograph by Gage Skidmore

We can all afford to treat our hair to a little luxury and pampering now and again.

Sometimes that luxury is just something simple like buying some new styling products, or a more effective shampoo and conditioner (such as the Neal & Wolf sulphate free range!).

Occasionally we all like to go a little bigger and treat ourselves by changing our cut and colour for something completely new.

When that time comes there is really no better place to look for inspiration that to the celebrity A listers. With some stars more than happy to change their hair style every other week it's easy to get a feel for how certain styles can dramatically alter your look.

A good tip is to find a celebrity who has a similar face shape to yours and consider what effect different shades and cuts have on their appearance. Which do you feel brings out their features the best matches the shape of the face? It's quite possible this would work well for you too.

To get you started we have compiled a few of our favourite celebrity transformations from recent weeks.


 Jessica Alba

Jessica's transformation from Brunette to Blonde is stunning and this post on her Instagram page shows the process step by step!

Rita Ora

Even though Miss Ora is well known for a signature platinum blonde look, that does not stop her from taking on regular changes in the form of drastic cuts and bold colour choices. The latest change up is a demure pink shade, that is subtle and much more feminine than some of the over the top looks she has gone for in the past. It gets a big thumbs up from us!

 Lauren Conrad

Amazingly for a style focussed celebrity, Lauren Conrad recently admitted on social media that she has not had her hair cut in years. Going for a new stunning choppy bob style we can safely say it was well worth the wait! It looks gorgeous.




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