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  • Colour has arrived...

    colour collage

    Our customers have spoken, and we listened! After years of extensive research and development to be sure that we are creating the perfect product for our customers, we are excited to announce that our Colour range is now available.

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  • Get The Lady Gaga Look


    Image source: Vanity Fair

    Lady Gaga may be the newest star of the silver screen as well as a musical legend, but for us, her true fame has to be her unparalleled string of eccentric hair styles! For a woman who constantly displays sheer brilliance in her voice and ingenious aesthetics, it would be rude not to honour her by rounding up some of her most iconic looks! And, if you want to be the centre of attention, there’s no better woman to channel…

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  • How To Maintain Blonde Hair


    Image source: Telva

    If you’re a brunette in disguise, or a redhead in camouflage, blonde can be one of the hardest hair colours to maintain. We’ve all heard every tip under the sun for keeping blonde hair brighter for longer, from washing your hair less to washing your hair with beer, but how can you tell a tale from the truth? They say blondes have more fun, but being blonde can be a burden, which is why we’ve assembled our top tips for keeping your blonde hair looking like you’re fresh out of the salon!

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  • The Colours We'll Be Dyeing Our Hair in Winter to Spring 2014

    Do you want to look more beautiful and stylish this year? Don’t stop at just updating your wardrobe and modifying your hairstyle. You should also change up the colour of your hair! Here are some of the hottest hair colour trends that you should try this 2014:

    Photograph by Nick Step Photograph by Nick Step

    Platinum Blonde

    Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams have recently dyed their locks to ice cold platinum. And boy, do they look stunning! This bleache

  • Neal & Wolf Hair Recommendations: 3 Hair Trends for Autumn 2013


    Ombre or dip dyed hair is a very on trend look for this Autumn and was seen at many of the Autumn / Winter catwalk shows. The Ombre look is also popular many with celebrities right now with J-Lo, Lea Michelle, Micha Barton, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Alba all going for Ombre locks.   For those who are new to Ombre or dip dyed hair, the style is basically a two tone colour that contrasts to create a spectacular look. The style can work with various hair types from wavy to straight but works best with long to medium length hair. In our opinion Fall is naturally about a contrast in colours, with browns, reds, and dark blonde Ombre combinations a real winner for reflecting the mood of the season. The way one colour falls into another is very reminiscent of multi coloured leaves falling from the trees. Another way to play with this style is to think about

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