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Best of BAFTA night hairstyles

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All the glam and glamour of the BAFTA awards are enough to make you wonder if you can get a slice of it in your life. Let’s chat about the best BAFTA hairstyles of 2017, who wore them and how to get the look for yourself.


Emma Stone


Emma's dress was stunningly detailed, so she kept her hair sleek and simple with a semi up-do. This silky look was achieved by brushing until totally smooth, then straightening any unruly waves. Part the hair down the side and secure the top section using discreet pins and a decorative slide to finish.


Daisy Ridley


This is the perfect look for shoulder length hair. Daisy wore classy loose curls with a swept back fringe. Comb until smooth and then use a curling wand to add gentle but defined loose curls. To get the swept back look without pins, use a styling cream that won't set hard or shiny.


Kate Middleton


This woman can do no wrong when it comes to royal fashion. Kate wore a gorgeous beehive style with a messy bun. To replicate, set your hair in rollers and then back brush for added volume. Secure into a half up-do and then shape the beehive style. The loose hair can be curled over itself and pinned into the intricate yet casual bun at the nape.


Penelope Cruz


A stunning combination of casual and sexy, Penelope sure knows how to wow the red carpet, even with this simple bob and fringe. Part the hair down the middle, then blow-dry to give smoothness and volume (without being fluffy). Gently curl the ends to avoid a blunt finish, and work a small amount of texturing product through to give the bob a bit of life.


Anya Taylor-Joy


Sometimes simplicity is your best bet. Anya wore an intricate dress that needed our full attention, so she smartly kept her hair understated in a low ponytail. Brush the hair until smooth, blow drying if required. Part the hair down the centre and secure with a decorative tie. Don’t pull this back too tightly, let it remain tidy but loose to add a carefree look.


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