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3 tips to avoid hair damage

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We’re all guilty of making our hair work a little harder than it should, sometimes. From a brutal brush-out while wet (thank you, missed alarm clock), to overworking the hair to get that curl just right – we’ve been there. Hair damage isn’t completely avoidable, but there are a few things you can do to start taking care of your precious locks. Start by using a sulfate and paraben free shampoo, like Harmony Shampoo from Neal & Wolf.


Wash your hair less


It may sound counterintuitive but it’s really going to be good for your hair. Your scalp produces a natural oil that keeps your hair lubricated and soft. If you wash too often, you strip that oil away. This leaves your hair dry, which can lead to brittleness. If you’ve been a little overzealous with the washing, try using Harmony Intensive Hair Treatment to return strength and moisture to your hair.


Style your hair with less heat


This applies across all types of heat-based styling tools. Constantly blow drying your hair will dry out the surface water, but it will also remove the water from the core of the hair strands. This can leave your hair brittle and rigid over time, which leads to increased breakage and overall weakness. Try to use sulfate and paraben free products, along with a cooler setting where you can.


Using gentle heat also applies to styling tools like curling wands and straighteners. If you’re trying to use these on wet hair, the quickly expanding steam can do extreme damage to the hair cuticles. As the water is heated so quickly, it ‘pops’ the cuticles, leaving hair in ruins. The best way to avoid this is to use heat tools sparingly, and only on dry hair if you can.


Avoid friction

The reason to avoid friction is two-fold. Firstly, don’t be too enthusiastic when you towel-dry your hair. The rubbing creates knots and can cause breakage.

After using the sulfate and paraben free Harmony Shampoo, wrap the towel around your hair and squeeze from top to bottom, instead. Once the excess water is removed, leave to hair dry if you have time.

Secondly, never brush wet hair. The hair is so filled with water that the structure is weakened. Every time you hear that little crackling noise while you’re brushing – that’s hairs snapping. Once it’s towel dry, use your fingers to work it into waves or stow it in a loose plait if you need to rush out.


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