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10 Celebrity Hairstyles that never go out of fashion

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Pixie Cut


Halle Berry can do no wrong with her gorgeous pixie cut. She works layers into the style to give it body and movement, even with such short hair. We love it! Play with our texturing products to get the look you love.


Sleek style


Take a leaf out of Gwyneth Paltrow’s book and wear your hair long and sleek. It’s an easy style to maintain which is a bonus on those busy days. Part it straight down the middle to keep the look modern and fresh.


Princess waves


If you want a classic look that’s always in style, rock some loose waves ala Kate Middleton. The Duchess has plenty of natural movement and volume, so a few well chosen layers give the style some structure. This look pairs well with everything from a ball gown to weekend wear.


Long bob


This is a really flexible style. Nicole Richie wears a long bob and it really suits her. Straighten your hair to help polish the look. Freshen the style with a blunt cut fringe that is long enough to frame the face.


Natural wow


We love natural hair! Solange Knowles is well recognised for her amazing natural hair - you really can’t miss it. The volume is enviable and the curls are divine. Go large and really wow your audience.


Soft and sweet


If you’re looking for a sweet and soft style, try this: rock a side part and let those long bangs sweep over to the other side of your face. Emma Stone is the go-to girl for this look. It can be low-key or it can be really sexy - it’s up to you!


Short and shaggy


Jennifer Lawrence loves to change up her style. Her perfect shaggy bob is a classic hairstyle that works well for almost everyone. Play fast and loose with layers to emphasise the curls and waves.


Posh bob


Victoria ‘Posh Spice’ Beckham pioneered this style and it became an instant classic. Longer strands at the front frame the face and shorter at the back are the signature features. Lay it down flat for a professional look or muss it up for a casual affair.


Turn up the volume


If you’ve got a lot of hair, don’t be afraid to turn up the volume! Add layers to add structure and then throw in some waves to give it bounce. Jennifer Lopez makes this feminine look so sultry.


Big Bang


Our last classic style will never go out of fashion. Taylor Swift knows all about it. Cutting in a fringe that finishes just above the eyes makes a statement about sophistication when paired with loose and flowing locks.


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