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  • Royal Wedding Hair

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    Who doesn’t love a royal wedding? A joyous occasion in any family, a wedding gives everyone an excuse to pick out a new outfit and ponder over hairstyle possibilities. Of course, a royal wedding gives us all the opportunity to dress up and party without having to worry about the catering or the seating chart.

    Daydream with us as we highlight some of the best royal wedding hair styles.


    This is probably the quintessential royal wedding hair style. Chignons can be styled as a neat and close bun to nestle under a fascinator, or as a messy bun that stands alone. Don’t feel you need to keep the bun low and cen

  • Men’s Weatherproof styling for Spring 2018

    Spring can bring us a mixed bag in terms of weather, often with all four seasons making an appearance in one day.

    With that in mind a haircut and styling products that can withstand wind, rain and sunshine is very useful in springtime!

    Below are a few of our favourite men’s hairstyles for spring 2018, and the styling products that work best with them.

    Longer on top
    The transition to spring is here, so it’s time to trim the winter mane. If you can’t bear to go super short with a buzz cut, but still want low maintenance, then try a look with about an inch on the sides and two inches on top. To style sweep the hair on top back and to the side with some high hold product, like Neal &Wolf’s Design - a pommade designed to give hair a firm, slick finish.

    High & Tight
    A similar style in many ways to the crewcut, this

  • Tips on caring for long hair

    freestocks-org-104616-unsplashLong hair can be stunning, and it can take a lot of effort to maintain. There are some simple tips you can apply to make sure your lengthy locks stay healthy. Even shorter styles can benefit from taking extra care, especially if you’re trying to grow it out.

    Never brush long wet hair

    All hair is weaker when it is wet. Long hair is particularly vulnerable because the length allows for more tangles and areas where pulling can occur. If you need to wash and go, wrap a towel (preferably made from cotton or linen to reduce snagging) around your hair and squeeze the water out firmly. Don’t pull on the hair. Start from the top and w

  • The perfect at-home blow-dry


    If you want to achieve the salon style blow-dry at home, all it takes is a little insider knowledge the right tools and a bit of practice.

    Here’s our top 4 tips on how to get a bouncy shiny blow-dry and save a few pounds by going DIY.

    Tip 1. Use a moisturising pre-treatment

    Preparing your hair so that it is in great condition prior to blow-drying can help deal with the exposure to high heat that comes with a blow-dry.

    If you hair is already dry or damaged then it will be impossible to get the professional looking shiny bouncy finish that you get from a salon so it’s important to pre

  • Men’s hair maintenance

    Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 15.16.48

    Taking care of your hair can be simple. A few well-chosen products from Neal & Wolf’s Men’s Collection and a simple routine will keep your hair in great condition without any effort.

    Don’t wash your hair too often

    Washing your hair every day can strip your scalp of it’s natural oils, leaving it dry and flaky. Wash your hair twice or three times a week for the best results.

    Wash your hair once

    Some clever sales team created the myth that you should shampoo your hair twice each time you wash it. It’s just not true. As we mentioned above, you only

  • Caring for blonde hair


    Photographer -@ David Halsall Hairdressing

    Taking the plunge and switching to blonde is a thrilling experience. It can give you a really fresh look and it’s worth maintaining. Whether you’re a natural blonde or a blonde-by-design, we have some tips to help you keep it looking healthy.

    After you leave the salon, the first thing you should do is refresh your hair care routine. Blonde hair (particularly bleach blonde) needs a specialised set

  • Grand National – Race Day Hair

    FascinatorThe 2018 Grand National is almost here. Whether you’ll be at the Aintree Racecourse or at a race day party, you’ll be wanting to pull together a fabulous race day look. We don’t have any tips for the horses, but if you’re looking for last minute tips for race day hair, we’ve got you covered.

    Wash your hair the day before

    There’s plenty of debate about when you should wash your hair in the lead up to a big event. We side with the majority of stylists and suggest you wash your hair the day before. This gives your hair time to relax and regain some of its natural oils. Try our Amplify Shampoo and

  • Time to Shine


    Calling all young stylists, this is your opportunity to have your name and your signature style up in lights. We are proud to launch the prestigious Neal & Wolf Time to Shine Awards for its third year. It’s your time to shine, so read on for how you can enter.

    We are seeking emergent stylists and barbers who are willing to put their styles on the line for a chance to become our very own Shining Star for 2018. The winner will be featured in Creative HEAD magazine, a leading hair industry resource that highlights the latest trends and techniques. The two runners-up will receive a year’s subscription to the Creative HEAD Club, which includes 10 issues d

  • Neal & Wolf’s men’s styling products

    IMG_0819 2_previewNeal & Wolf’s men’s hair styling products are of exceptional quality, easy to use and simply make your hair look and feel it's best.

    One of the great things about our range is that all Neal & Wolf men’s hair styling products are free from parabens, sulphates and are not tested on animals, so if you prefer to work with ethical products, our products are well worth checking out.

    Our Men's Styling Products Range

    There’s something for everyone here. Short styles are taken care of with plenty of different styling options, from clays and pomades to creams.

    Men with longer styles will find great products to help m

  • Bank holiday looks


    Photo credit - jasmine_davidthomas

    We love bank holidays as much as we love chocolate eggs. Don’t let the cold weather deter you from making the most of the upcoming long weekend. Take the opportunity to create a head turning bank holiday style that will brighten up any room.

    Short styles

    If you’re working with a shorter pixie style crop, there are some clever things you can do to freshen up the style. Create a touchable matte look with Define Moulding Clay by adding a small amount to damp hair. Tousle the ends to encourage a bit of height and texture. Short styles look great with an accessory like a headband

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