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  • Beach hair don’t care! The best holiday hairstyles for 2018


    The recent warmer weather is a welcome change from the chill of winter. Is the sunshine drawing you into daydreams about going to the beach? You might have noticed your hair starting to change as the heat brings on seasonal dryness. Help correct and protect against sun damage with Neal & Wolf’s Summer Rejuvenate Duo. The intensive shampoo and treatment will instantly restore your sun-kissed locks to a healthy level of moisture and touchability. Here’s a few handy ways you can style your hair for a day at the beach – let’s keep it out of the way and out of the sun to reduce damage from too much sun and salt water.

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  • Neäl & Wølf Added to the Hair Awards hall of fame

    Neäl & Wølf has secured a permanent place in the Hair Awards hall of fame thanks to our hugely popular Amplify Shampoo and Conditioner Duo.

    Our Amplify shampoo and conditioner picked up the award in the category of BEST Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner!

    It feels great to have our Amplify product range recognised by industry experts and consumer feedback as the best in its category.

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  • Summer wedding hair styles


    Photo Credit: Sam Gateley, Salon 306

    Wedding season is here so it’s a good idea to get your summer wedding hair styles organised. As a guest or the bride, herself, there’s a lot of planning that goes into looking gorgeous on the day. Summer weddings are fresh bright and often outdoors, so we’ve chosen sunny styles to reflect the season.

    Wavy bangs

    Secure your hair into a loose chignon or any other up-do style, really. The focus is going to be on your gorgeous face-framing bangs. They should fall around chin length to give you a picture-perfect look. Use a curling iron to give y

  • Summer men’s festival styles

    isaac-ramirez-518940-unsplashBring on festival season – warm sun, cool drinks and plenty of reasons to be out and about. If you’re a man heading out to a summer festival you want to make sure you look sharp all day (and night) long. There are a couple of easy hair styles you can rock that will keep you looking fresh until the last set plays.

    Short and textured

    Leave yourself a little bit of length on top and play with it for a more casual look. Keep it relatively close along the neckline and around the ears to keep yourself feeling cool in the sun. You’ll want to use a touch of Neal & Wolf’s Shape

  • Summer collections from Neal & Wolf

    summerJust in time for warmer weather, we are very excited to bring you our new Neal & Wolf summer collections. This new range takes the changing needs of your hair into account and offers up fresh new ways to treat yourself. Beautifully presented (and perfect for gifts) grab the right Duo for you today.Summer Radiate Duo celebrates blonde hair. No matter if your hair is naturally blonde or an artful creation of your favourite stylist, this range helps to keep it in top condition. We’ve packed in plenty of violet pigment to help maintain your blonde colour. The pigments in the shampoo and conditioner work to reduce the c

  • Summer protection for your hair and why it’s important

    Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 14.26.00

    Warm summer days have us spending more time outside. After a cosy winter inside it’s so refreshing to feel fresh hair and natural warmth on our faces. Of course, the changing seasons mean it’s time to check in with your current hair care routine. Are you doing the best you can to provide your hair with UV protection in the new conditions? Here are some of our favourite tips and products to keep you looking and feeling fantastic this summer.

    Drop the hair dryer

    Avoid using your hair dryer whenever you can. The warmer weather will start to dehydrate your hair, so adding artificial heat won’t help. Air drying is a better

  • Men’s date night hair


    Preparing for a date night doesn’t have to be a drama. You can spend a little extra time getting your hair in order and see impressive results in the mirror. Your date will be sure to appreciate the effort. Don’t think this is only for first dates, either. Long term partners can be even more impressed by a freshened up look for a special night out. Here are some of our go-to tips for styling men’s date night hair.

    Tousled, relaxed look

    This works well if you have a little bit of length or have a preference for hats. Taking a relaxed attitude to your style means you can run your fingers through it without worrying about a hair b

  • Styling Bank Holiday looks


    The Spring Bank Holiday is almost here. The Royal wedding is over and it’s probably a good time to relax after the celebrations. The Spring bank holiday is about enjoying the finer weather, so we’ve pulled together some Spring hair styles that are simple, fresh and stylish.

    Half up do

    The half up do can be styled for a polished look or can be a very casual affair. For a seamless appearance, add some Silk blow dry balm before drying your hair. Point the nozzle down the hair shaft and you’ll have a sleek glossy style in no time. If you prefer a

  • Royal Wedding Hair

    Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 10.08.25

    Who doesn’t love a royal wedding? A joyous occasion in any family, a wedding gives everyone an excuse to pick out a new outfit and ponder over hairstyle possibilities. Of course, a royal wedding gives us all the opportunity to dress up and party without having to worry about the catering or the seating chart.

    Daydream with us as we highlight some of the best royal wedding hair styles.


    This is probably the quintessential royal wedding hair style. Chignons can be styled as a neat and close bun to nestle under a fascinator, or as a messy bun that stands alone. Don’t feel you need to keep the bun low and cen

  • Men’s Weatherproof styling for Spring 2018


    Spring can bring us a mixed bag in terms of weather, often with all four seasons making an appearance in one day.

    With that in mind a haircut and styling products that can withstand wind, rain and sunshine is very useful in springtime!

    Below are a few of our favourite men’s hairstyles for spring 2018, and the styling products that work best with them.

    Longer on top
    The transition to spring is here, so it’s time to trim the winter mane. If you can’t bear to go super short with a buzz cut, but still want low maintenance, then try a look with about an inch on the sides and two inches on top. To style sweep the hair on top back and to the side with some high h

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