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  • Get The Fade Cut

    Fade Cut

    Originating in the 40s and 50s as a popular haircut chosen by the US military, the fade cut has since become a staple style in today’s realm of men’s haircare. Its popularity is no surprise; with its stylish and clean-cut back and sides allowing for a pompadour of any size and shape. If there was a men’s haircut that exemplified coolness, this would be it!

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  • Recreate The Look Competition


    With party season right around the corner, now’s the time to be thinking what new winter wardrobe pieces you could whip out this Christmas, or perhaps you’re on the hunt for a show-stopping Christmas party look? It’s easy to rack up a bill when it gets to Christmas time, even more so when you have so many-must attend social events that, obviously, require a new outfit! Luckily for you, you may not have to worry about this extra cost.

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  • Get The Lady Gaga Look


    Image source: Vanity Fair

    Lady Gaga may be the newest star of the silver screen as well as a musical legend, but for us, her true fame has to be her unparalleled string of eccentric hair styles! For a woman who constantly displays sheer brilliance in her voice and ingenious aesthetics, it would be rude not to honour her by rounding up some of her most iconic looks! And, if you want to be the centre of attention, there’s no better woman to channel…

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  • How To Maintain Blonde Hair


    Image source: Telva

    If you’re a brunette in disguise, or a redhead in camouflage, blonde can be one of the hardest hair colours to maintain. We’ve all heard every tip under the sun for keeping blonde hair brighter for longer, from washing your hair less to washing your hair with beer, but how can you tell a tale from the truth? They say blondes have more fun, but being blonde can be a burden, which is why we’ve assembled our top tips for keeping your blonde hair looking like you’re fresh out of the salon!

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  • Christmas Collection 2018


    You can now avoid panic present buying as our 2018 Christmas Collection has landed online and in salons! For beauty buffs, there’s nothing truly as magical as having a gift set featuring all of your favourite styling essentials. Which is why we have made sure that all of our Christmas gift sets contain your favourite Neal & Wolf product ranges.

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  • Autumnal Looks


    Image source: Pinterest

    While we’re not looking forward to saying farewell to summer and saying hello to cooler temperatures, there is one thing that’s on the rise, and that’s Autumnal hairstyles. Not only does the weather dictate our fashion, but it also influences our hairstyles. To make sure that you’re ahead of the game, we’ve put together the top seasonal looks to help you start planning your autumn look!

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  • Hottest looks from London Fashion Week


    Image source: International Business Times

    Does the mere mention of London Fashion Week get you excited? The fashionistas may flock to LFW to view McQueen’s and Packham’s latest collections, but we’re all about the throwback up-dos' and ponytail plaits. To celebrate LFW, we’re reflecting on the classic hairstyles that never seem to age and are constantly adorned by LFW’s army of supermodels.

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  • Easy and elegant summer looks



    ©  jurica-koletic

    Enjoy easy and elegant summer styles this season. With these quick and easy tips, you can look fresh and fabulous in the warmer weather. All of these styles start from a base of healthy luscious hair. Help keep your hair protected from summer heat by using Neal & Wolf Repair and Replenish Harmony Duo. This shampoo and treatment combination will set you up for effortless summer styles.

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  • Women’s back to school styling


    © alex-iby

    Don’t let the back to school rush fool you into neglecting your hair. You and the kids can achieve some classy styles in minutes before heading out the door. Practice one or two of these before school goes back and you’ll be looking good in 5 minutes or less.

    The messy bun


    © ravi-roshan

    This one is great if you don’t have time to tease the knots out of someone’s hair. Use a brush or your fingers to bring the hair back into a high ponytail. P

  • Wear flowers in your hair to be on trend for summer


    © Valerie Elash

    Flowers are tiny perfect heralds of warmer weather and playful days. There are so many ways you can weave a touch of summer delight into your hair, and there’s no reason to limit the look to summer weddings, either. Work with fresh or faux flowers to get the look you want. A quick tip before we begin: if you use fresh flowers, only add them once your hair is perfectly set and styled, including hairspray. If you spray fresh petals they’ll wilt. Here are 4 hairstyles you can wear with fresh flowers for summer.

    Loose waves

    Wear your hair in generous loose waves for a summer beach look. Pin one or two of the curls back to on

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