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Yule Tide Curls

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Yule Tides Curl Step 1

Step 1

Wash hair with Amplify Volumising Shampoo and Amplify Volumising Conditioner. Towel dry, then apply Elevate Volumising Lotion, Uplift Volumising Mist and Guard Heat Protection spray in preparation for styling


Yule Tide Curls Step 2

Step 2

Use a round brush to straighten hair while blow-drying with a hair dryer on a medium or high setting. Then, part hair into sections and loosely curl using tongs.

Yule Tide Curls Step 3

Step 3

Take a comb and section off a piece of hair three inches wide down the centre of the head, starting at the forehead and finishing by the crown. Backcomb lightly, then loosely French Plait.

To create the plait, split the front section of hair (the first inch that runs along the forehead) into three. Pass the left piece over the middle piece, and create a new middle section. Then, move the right piece over the middle piece to create another middle section. This method forms the basis of the plait. Repeat to finish the braid; but now, as each piece of hair gets transferred, incorporate an additional section from below to form a slightly larger middle section. Plait until the crown is reached, then tie with a small elastic band, and wrap a thin piece of hair around the band to hide the elastic.



Yule Tide Curls Step 4

Step 4

Gently pull the sides of the braid, then carefully brush the loose hair to relax the curls. Finish by spraying with Control Flexible Styling Hairspray.

Top Tip

When plaiting, keep the hair loose for an effortlessly voluminous finish.



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