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The Festive Twist



step 1

Step 1

Wash hair with Ritual Shampoo and Ritual Conditioner in preparation for styling. Towel dry, spritz lightly with Guard Heat Protection, use a comb to create a centre parting, then dry using a hairdryer on a medium to high setting.

Once dry, find the middle of the parting – as a rough rule of thumb, this is straight up from the top of each ear. Tie the two front sections out of the way, and spray ends with Glow Super Shine Spray.


step 2

Step 2

Smooth the back section into a low ponytail using Fix Hold & Shine Spray to control flyaways.



step 3

Step 3

Split the ponytail into two sections. Twist each section, then wrap each twist around the bobble and secure with kirby grips.

Divine Curls Step 4

Step 4

Add a headband, carefully tucking the ends behind the ears.


Then, untie the two front sections and loosely twist each one and wrapping the ends around the low bun. Make sure the bottom of the headband stays covered. Finish by spraying with Control Flexible Styling Hairspray.


Top tip

If flyaways do occur, don’t worry. Just spritz with Fix Hold & Shine Spray and smooth over with a comb for a beautifully sleek effect.

          • GUARD


            Heat Protection


          • GLOW


            Super Shine Spray


          • FIX


            Hold & Shine Spray


          • CONTROL


            Flexible Styling Hairspray